Sunday Sweetness

…. 24 hours late but in honour of Spring finally arriving here in England!

(All images from weheartit)

I got my interview date through for college this morning, it’s a week tomorrow! Quite excited & nervous, need to get some preperation done but not a lot of time…

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Sunday Sweetness

(all pictures sourced from weheartit)
I’ve actually got a Sunday off! We are off to Swindon today for Mr J’s grandmothers birthday. I’m really looking forward to seeing my would-be sister-in-law as she’s pregnant & I haven’t seen her bump yet 🙂 It was meant to be a BBQ but I don’t think todays weather is too accomodating for that!
Speaking of family, my mum is a co-ordinator for Operation Shoebox please pop over to her blog to see the letter of thanks that she received from the soldiers… I’m so proud of her 🙂
I do love the rain so I decided to go for some cute rain inspired Sunday Sweetness today… I’m in love with the frog umbrella!
I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.. catch up soon… xoxox
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Sun(Mon)day Sweetness

(All pictures sourced from weheartit) I hope you’ve all had/are having a Happy Easter! To be honest I worked right through it but I did find the time to buy Mr J & a couple of friends their Easter eggs 🙂 Work has been pretty crazy, I racked up an impressive 72 hours over the last week! On the up side I found out that work is sending me to ITALY at the end of April… I’m soooooooo excited! I’ll be going to the beautiful Amalfi coast in Southern Italy, where the enigmatic Gennaro Contaldo is from, & I’ll be doing wine tasting & seeing how Grappa is made… it should be a fantastic few days.I still managed to find the time this Friday to head back home (to the teeny tiny town of Wellingborough where I grew up) for my best friends leaving do (as she is moving to beautiful Cornwall!) which was so much fun! One of my other closest friends was there & we had a fantastic night. We sang along to all the karaoke (didn’t actually do the karaoke ourselves, oh no, we are far too cool!) & danced. Actually danced. I don’t dance by the way. It was so much fun! Mr J & I also went out for dinner on Thursday night at Quod in Oxford & had absolutely amazing Steak & on Saturday night I went to a new wine bar, Bottega, with my friend Kath. I think I’ve had my social events for the month packed into the last few days! I’ll be a homebody now for the rest of the month 🙂
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Sunday Sweetness

1,2 & 4. found on weheartit… 3. source unknown… 6. box collage by Beth Cadby found here… 5,7,8 & 9. sources unknown. My boss is away this week so I have a lot of extra work on… so tonight i’m putting my slippers on, curling up with a glass of wine & Mr J & watching The Sopranos. Hope you have all had a great weekend!

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S(it’s Mon…)Day Sweetness

Doesn’t Spring make you think of Romance? It does me! The sun is shining, flowers are budding, lambing season begins, the trees blossom… you can see everything beginning in front of you. It makes you feel happy, light, renewed, blooming… & maybe it gets you allllll loved up! All photographs sourced from weheartit PS. Go here for a very cute Spring competition from Adolie Day!

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(Not Quite Really) Sunday Sweetness

So this weeks Sunday Sweetness is 24 hrs late (again!) but that’s because I’ve been in sunny Norfolk over the weekend visiting my mum & last night spent a couple of hours helping her get her blog set up instead of working on my own! It was a lovely couple of days with the sun shining (although it was cold!), my mums puppies running around creating mayhem, a shopping trip, a DIY attempt, & our favourite pasttime, CRAFTING!!!! Mum is a huge papercrafter, she makes beautiful cards & ATC’s as well as creating beautiful Punchcraft embroideries & being a talented florist. She has her own craft room (I’m not jealous, no, no, no!) & it is full to the brim with papers, paints, colours, ribbons, brads, glitter, glue, cardstock, sequins… it’s like Crafting Heaven! We also sat & watched some favourite TV: NCIS (her) & Poirot (me!)… it was a good couple of days…. I have pictures to put up of my thrifted finds (Enid Blyton book ‘The Enchanted Forest’, Pineapple dress, Dr Seuss t-shirt, floristry ring, Russian Dolls, yay!) the flower embroidery I did whilst I was there (that mum has kept) & some felt flowers that I’ve made so stay tuned! (all pics in this post from weheartit)

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Sunday Sweetness

Today I need a little bit of Sunday Sweetness…. It was grey, cold & rainy when I set off to work, disaster struck when the gas turned off at work & then I got home to discover that I have lost 3 hours worth of work that I did Friday night…  GGgggggggrrrrr!!!! It’s all OK though because I only have 2 days left before I’m on holiday & now I’m home in the warm with Mr J who is cooking roast Lamb 🙂
No. 1 is another piece by the very talented Anarkitty (can you tell I’m a huge fan?!) I just adore her big eyed, brightly coloured, pierced girls who all have fabulous hair! They are so beautifully done & captivating.
2. Love this picture… Mr J thinks she looks like an elf! I saved this from a blog post I read recently but I confess to not remembering which one ( i read over 70 blogs!) so if it was yours I’m sorry… drop me a comment & I’ll link up! here!!!! Thank you Lulu!
3. Button bouquet. I found this one day when googling ‘bouquets’ on Google Images. It’s gorgeous! I’d quite like to have a go at making one myself one day. Does anybody recognise the work? I’d love to know who made it.
4. Blythe dollhouse… how cute?! Another one I have saved on the pc so not sure where I found it. Whoever the lucky owner is they also have a Jasmine Becket-Griffith print on the wall & I love her work too. I’m not sure what it is about big-eyed art but it has definitely stolen my heart.
5. Gorgeous Michi Girl page. Michi Girl is the work of an Aussie collaberation but the artwork is by Kat McLeod who I am a huge fan of! I love that she uses fabric to make the dresses for her artwork. I did a collage last summer inspired by her work & it turned out really well. I’m planning on doing some more this year when my work schedule settles down.
6. I love this piece by Natasha Law. Her work is so simple yet intimate.
7. I love these shoes! Source unknown.
8. Gorgeous owl, source unknown. Why do we all like owls so much? Is it because they seem so wise & mysterious?
Happy Sunday xoxox
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