Bargain Bounty!

I popped into the British Heart Foundation shop yesterday & picked this little lot up for £11! Bargain!
The Water Babies was one of my favourite films when I was a child but I’ve never read the book. 
An illustrated version of The Twits by Roald Dahl? Yes please!
The RSPB book of birds is lovely and will come in very useful as I can now practise drawing birds realistically.
Cider With Rosie I read at school and remember really enjoying it so when I spotted this copy for £1 I couldn’t leave it sat on the shelf!
The McCalls Sewing book literally has everything you need to know in it! Plus some rather adorable illustrations which of course I’m going to have a go at drawing myself. 
Last but not least is the General Science book first printed in 1937 and reprinted in 1938. I’m fairly certain that a few of the scientific theories in here are now deemed incorrect but it has some beautiful illustrations in it so I thought it was worth it’s £3 price tag. It even has exam questions in the back!

The carrot illustration I’ve done from the General Science book. I’m sure when they printed it over 70 years ago this isn’t quite what they had in mind but at least I’m still learning something!

Hugs, Caz x

PS. If you’re on the hunt for Christmas decorations the British Heart Foundation shops are selling some quite adorable (new) ornaments this year!

The Sarah Wiseman Gallery

In the spirit of conquering my ever-growing to-do list today I took my new camera (yes, finally!!!!) & myself off to visit the Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Oxford. I think I picked the right time to go as I found most of the work in there absolutely breathtaking…

This installation is incredible. Wire spikes have been mounted into a wooden board & felt balls in varying shades of blue affixed to the spikes to create this effect. It’s so tactile & when you see it in real life you really want to touch it. (believe me, I did!)Unfortunately I cannot remember the artist’s name.

These ceramic pieces are by a lady called Katie Almond whose work is so sweet & nostalgic. I bought the above brooch & at £12.50 for an original piece of art work I’d say that’s a bargain!

These are by a Bristol based artist called Helen Ward using Victorian handmade paper. I literally caught my breath when I saw the first one, I love butterflies.

Cute felt jewellery by Scottish textile artist Lynsey Walters.

I took these two photographs from outside the gallery. I love how because of the sun the photographs have captured the buildings behind me too… I really like the effect!
Again I’m not sure who the first piece is by but the second one is by Allyson Austin.

I’ll definitely be having a nose round there again. The receptionist was friendly & let me take photographs myself & it’s only ten minutes from my house! 
Check out the gallery here.

1,2,3,4,6 & 7 all by me


What can I say, I fancied a change from pink!

Love the bowl, it would look so pretty by my bedside table, maybe storing all my jewellery & hair bands.
LOVE this illustration.
How gorgeous is this necklace? I love it!
Turquoise doughnuts? Yes please! 
Love this necklace too. The designer is a graphic designer you should check out her shop. (link below).
I really really want this apron!
Couldn’t resist posting this bunny picture!
How awesome are these leg warmers?! Gorgeous.
Loving the seventies vibe of this picture.
This is Stef. She is partly responsible for the previous picture. She & her friend Erin run a mobile vintage shop & blog. It’s my new favourite read!
Work & life in general have been quite busy busy busy these last few days so my beloved laptop has been skulking in a corner! My summer project for my Art course came through, I have all necessary components to start work on the bridal necklace I’ve got to make, Drummer Boy had another gig, we had his daughter, A, over the weekend & now I’m off for a hen-do!
All very hectic but I’ll attempt to touch base & should have some great hen-do photos for you next week!

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Best of British… Blogs

Todays post is my 50th!!! Woop woop! So I decided I’d do a Best of British to mark the occasion.. introducing you to my favourite British bloggers.

First up is Kate the artist behind pics 1-3.. she has 3 seperate blogs my personal favourite being Little Doodles as it combines her illustration, random thoughts & a little bit of fashion. 

Another fave is Hazel who uses her blog to introduce various artists from around the world. You never know who you will come across & I usually fall in love with the work she chooses to post! 

 Pics 4&5 are both pieces by Alex who dwells in lovely Worcestershire & makes ceramics & all sorts of beautiful things & shares the area around her home & her thrifting escapades with us! 

Another favourite is the incredibly talented Cathy Cullis (pics 6&7) whose blog is inspirational with snippets of her drawings & poetry. Last but not least Lavelle has an absolutely gorgeous blog full of beautiful clothes & whimsical photographs which is almost like an online inspiration board!