Num8er N1ne

This is my Drummer Boy & his sister Rosie when they played as Num8er N1ne @ The Cellar in Oxford. xoxox 

PS. I’m setting up shop on Etsy.. vintage books, handmade earrings & necklaces, embroidery… all coming soon!

Gardenberry 2011

So Sunday just gone was a *heatwave* 29 degrees in some areas. The weathermen put out a weather warning & almost everyone in the UK got barbcueing… including us! An impromptu family meet-up turned into a 30-strong lovely family BBQ day! & in the evening when everyone had gone we streamed Glastonbury on Drummer Boys laptop & sat in the garden having our very own ‘Gardenberry 2011’!

There were burgers, kebabs, cakes, a potato salad-off, salads galore, chilled out music, face painting, tents, paddling pools, bunting, water pistols… it was awesome! 
Hope you guys had a great weekend xoxox

Friday Fashion

Oh yes… I now own these adorable Cath Kidston plimsolls… I ❤ them!

I do absolutely love florals! I’m really looking forward to some sunny weather so that I can get out my flowery maxi dresses & skirts… A girl can daydream! It’s raining here now again… I’m off to cook dinner. Have a great weekend! xoxox

To Fringe or Not to Fringe…

(all images via weheartit)

 …….it’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the years & every so often I embark on a mission to grow it out. But I just caved… & cut it back in! Anybody else share in my perennial battle??!

Cath Kidston!!!!!

Just a quick post to say that my dad is here hence lack of posting… it’s rained almost non-stop tyhe last couple of days but it didn’t stop us doing a bit of window shopping yesterday & we discovered a Cath Kidston right here in Oxford! I’m so excited, the shop is absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait till pay day!

I’m just making dinner for dad & Drummer Boy & then we’re off out for a couple of drinks to celebrate dad’s birthday… catch up with you all soon xoxox

Pink Wednesday

(All pics sourced from weheartit)

The flower shot at the top is absolutely stunning, I found it on weheartit but have the person who posted it found it here which might be about to become my new favourite browsing site… Loving the bracelets, they look so pretty, which reminds me I found a DIY for old-school friendship bracelets yesterday which I haven’t tried yet but will be… on HonestlyWTF…. just need to get some more embroidery thread & then I’ll be having a go!

I had a little mess about with Drummer Boy’s new camera yesterday but I don’t think the macro function is particularly great but if I can pull off a few decent photos then that’ll be a bonus & I’ll share! I have my dad coming up to visit tomorrow for his birthday & he’s here til Sunday so I’ll definitely have some fun shots to share by next week!

My brother, me & dad on a previous visit to Oxford. We’re standing outside the famous Bodlian Library a favourite tourist destination. Unfortunately I think it’s meant to rain quite a lot over the next few days so I think I need to buy some wellies & get inventive in order to keep dad entertained! xoxox

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8 Weeks To A Better Me… Week 1

Hi there… since I only joined the lovely Dani’s ‘8 Weeks To A Better Me’ in week 5 I thought I’d have a look back at the previous weeks. Week one is about blogging inspiration, what you want to blog about and setting yourself three ‘Blog goals’. Having recently signed up for Elsie’s Blog Love e-course where I want to go with my blog & what I want to post on it are things I’ve been thinking about alot recently.

My three blogging goals are…

1. Post up something I’ve created at least once a week… ideally building up gradually so that most of my posts include something creative.

2. Recipe How-To posts… I love cooking & quite often ad-lib my way & cook up some gems! I think it’ll be really fun to photograph the stages along the way… I’d quite like to create a ‘cookbook’ eventually 🙂

3. Keep up my weekly posts, even with my work timetable & I can be more organised & have them planned out in advance!

Thank you Elsie & Dani as your both a fantastic source of inspiration & both seem to be so seem & friendly! I love reading other peoples blogs & find them inspirational in themselves. I love how your blog works as an online journal for you to look back on & as a scrapbook of inspirational photos… it’s something that I really enjoy.

Now I’m off to play with Drummer Boy’s new camera so finally… those earring pics will be coming your way!


I just want to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am to be with the beautiful man laying beside me. I love him so very much. He’s semi-dozing whilst I tickle his feet & read my favourite blogs. He makes me so happy & makes me laugh.

His favourite things are drumming, skateboarding, his daughter, milk before bedtime, chocolate (especially Galaxy), cuddles & being tickled. Probably not in that order! I love you Drummer Boy xxx

Friday Fashion & Lasagne-how-to

(All pix sourced from weheartit)

This weeks Friday Fashion is all about jewellery… absolutely adore the last ring… amazing! Jewellery is all I can think about right now. I’ve made earrings all week & am now having to design 4 necklaces… 1 wedding necklace & 3 gifts that all have to be person-specific. Totally failing to do what I promised myself here I still haven’t bought a new battery for my camera but pix of the earrings will be here soon I promise!
I’m baking lasagne tonight for Drummer Boy & his daughter, Alia, which always goes down a treat… My version is dead simple, I make my own sauce but cheat on the white sauce step! You need…
Minced beef 
Tomato passata
onions (or spring onions)
mushrooms (sssshhhhh, don’t tell Alia!)
lasagne sheets
streaky bacon 
creme fraiche
medium cheddar
vegetable oil
worcester sauce
black pepper
fresh basil
dried herbs – oregano, ‘italian seasoning’
Method: *Fry off chopped garlic & onion is vegetable oil (or sunflower or olive oil), add mince beef & brown. *Pour in tomato passata, add fresh basil & dried herbs, simmer… *Add roughly chopped streaky bacon… *Add sliced peppers & mushrooms… *Allow to simmer & thicken & add a good glug of worcester sauce. *Once meat sauce is ready spoon a layer into the bottom of an oven dish… layer over with lasagne sheets… *next spoon over a layer of creme fraiche & top with grated parmesan… *repeat until everything is used up then finish off with a top layer of grated cheddar & parmesan… *pop in the oven for roughly an hour et voila! Scrummy lasagne!
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Friday Fashion

How awesome are these tees? All from Common Threadz, each tee is one of a print run of 250 so you’re pretty unlikely to see anyone else wearing one! Most of the tees are about $38/£23.50 & each tee you buy pays for school uniform for an orphaned child in Africa. Definitely worth checking out… I want this one…

I’ve mentioned these guys before here when I signed up for Isis’ Ethical Clothing Pledge which is a fantastic idea but which I most definitely have failed on in the last year! To be fair to me I think as much as many of us would like to be greener on an every day level on the British high street it’s really quite hard! One thing I am very good at though is recycling my clothes when I have bought new stuff.. I dish them out to friends & bag them up & take them to the charity shops so at least I don’t have items languishing at the bottom of my wardrobe!

And you can get your mitts on any of these if you pop over to Bleubird Vintage… if I was skinnier the rainbow patchwork skirt would be mine… I love it! Now that my shopping urge has been satisfied without actually spending a penny I’m off to get ready for work… Hope you all have a lovely start to your weekend xox

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