Mixed Media Art #2

I absolutely love mixed media art so thought it was time I shared some more with you. These artists all sell on Etsy so if you click their name it’ll take you to their shop. Sarah Ogren also makes the most beautiful jewellery.
1 & 2 Bobbi Lewin
3 & 4 Patti Ballard
5 & 6 Sarah Ogren
7 Shyama Helin
Hugs, Charis

Introducing…. Kat Mcleod

OK, yes, I know I’ve mentioned Kat’s work before here, here, & here but now it’s official. You’ve been introduced!

I absolutely love her work & find it very inspiring. The concept of mixed media art became real to me after seeing Kat’s work… it made me realise what I wanted to do.

I particularly love her red headed ladies.. & I absolutely love the soldier dress the last lady is wearing. How about you?      

Mixed Media Art

Some amazing mixed media artwork for you. This is what I’d like to be able to produce when I grow up…
1&7 ~ Kat McLeod
2 ~ Shyama Helin
3 ~ Tanis Alexis
4 ~ Lee Gainer
5 ~ Aaron Kraten
6 ~ Dolan Geiman

Red Headed Woman…

Some of you may have seen this piece before on my previous blog but here it is for those of you that haven’t….

She’s painted on canvas & then I’ve glued fabric pieces on to make her dress. I was inspired by the work of Australian artist Kat Mcleod.

She now resides at my mums house in Norfolk! Itching to do something similar again… I like to use fabric in slightly different ways…

Previous two images by Kat Mcleod. She’s an illustrator who works in mixed media, love her work.

I’ve got my college interview today, cross your fingers for me! xoxox