DIY Christmas Felt ‘Paper’ Chains

Remember making paper chains every Christmas when you were a child?
I’ve come up with a couple of variations for you! Here’s the first…

Felt ‘Paper’ Chains

Cut out felt strips approx 1/2 inch wide & 7″ long. I’ve made mine in two varying shades of pink as I intend to keep them up in my room but for a festive feel try green, red, silver & white felt.

Once you’ve cut up what you think is enough strips to start your chain (remember you can always add more) stop cutting!
Get one strip, join the ends with an approximate 1cm overlap and stitch together with either matching or contrasting thread, your choice.

Pick up the next strip and thread through the first strip before stitching the ends together.

Repeat until your felt chain is at the desired length.

The beauty of making this felt Christmas ‘paper’ chain is that you can pack it away carefully & bring it out year after year!

The alternative paper chain idea I had is to use up old magazines, advertising leaflets (ie from supermarkets) & newspapers to make your paper chains instead of using tissue paper as is traditional. A good way to recycle!

How Green Is Your Crafting?

I’m aiming to try and be greener with mine. Due to cashflow issues I have decided that through November I won’t be buying ANY new crafting supplies. I bought quite a bit over the summer due to the bridal necklace and bridesmaids gifts I made and starting college, however with that and all the other stock I’ve accrued over the last few years I think I’ve got plenty!

I’ve got felt beads waiting to be turned in to necklaces, balls of wool for pom pom making, two huge bin liners full of fabric, findings and beads all over the place & two pencil cases full of embroidery thread. Don’t even get me started on art supplies and an oddly large range of glue! I have piles of magazines waiting to turn into collages and maps to go into pendants. The list goes on.

The idea is, especially now with an imminent house move, to use up as much as I can of the stock that I already have through November before reassessing at the beginning of December… I may decide to continue the challenge till the end of the year.

I’m one of those people who stashes used jiffy bags so that I can reuse them to post stuff out in myself. Now that I’m selling my jewellery I am a little unsure about how far I can go with recycled packaging… a reused jiffy bag can easily be prettied up with coloured paper, doodles, stickers and patterned tape (don’t worry I already have these in my stash!) but what else is usable as recycled packaging? Bubble wrap & polystyrene chips are good ones to reuse as is tissue paper. I have been known to store my earrings in the plastic eggs you get your gloves in when you buy a box of hair dye… with pretty shredded paper as inner packagiong and a ribbon on the outside would they be deemed as acceptable packaging?

What do you think? Do you try to recycle and upcycle? Is it something that you look for when you’re making a purchase? Is it something that you do naturally?

Guest Post…

(pic by Bill Mudron)

The lovely Fran of Skulls and Ponies asked me to write a guest post about balancing life & crafting which is basically a bit of a juggling act. If you’d like to know how I attempt to do it pop on over & have a read 😉 

Crafty excitement!!!!

So I’ll be honest, I have been stuck in a huge non-creating rut, for quite a long time now. I’m excited about college in September & I’ve got a few days off and have a list of a few small crafty mends to get done for a couple of friends & my mum but have not really been feeling up to due to ta lack of inspiration. Even browsing my favourite blogs has failed to boost me….
But this morning everything changed! I have bought & perused issue one of Mollie Makes & I am so excited! It’s such a beautiful magazine, the photography is gorgeous, it features Rob Ryan, Emily Peacock & one of my absolute favourite bloggers & crafters, Dottie Angel. There are a few crafty how-to’s in there, complete with stencils & a free gift… I used to love buying Frankie but haven’t been able to get my mitts on it in some time so I’m soooo glad I spotted Mollie Makes! Somehow having beautiful images actually on paper in front of me is more inspirational for me than the online blogs that I look through…
Due to general excitedness & actually a need to do something I’m off but I’ll leave you with these visions of loveliness…

(All images from weheartit – tagged ‘illustration’)

PS. I have about 6 old mobile phones kicking around, all of which are pretty ancient & not even worth sending to those money-for-your-mobile companies… anyone have any suggestions what could be done with them?? Or do you know of any charities that take them for recycling purposes?

(Not Quite Really) Sunday Sweetness

So this weeks Sunday Sweetness is 24 hrs late (again!) but that’s because I’ve been in sunny Norfolk over the weekend visiting my mum & last night spent a couple of hours helping her get her blog set up instead of working on my own! It was a lovely couple of days with the sun shining (although it was cold!), my mums puppies running around creating mayhem, a shopping trip, a DIY attempt, & our favourite pasttime, CRAFTING!!!! Mum is a huge papercrafter, she makes beautiful cards & ATC’s as well as creating beautiful Punchcraft embroideries & being a talented florist. She has her own craft room (I’m not jealous, no, no, no!) & it is full to the brim with papers, paints, colours, ribbons, brads, glitter, glue, cardstock, sequins… it’s like Crafting Heaven! We also sat & watched some favourite TV: NCIS (her) & Poirot (me!)… it was a good couple of days…. I have pictures to put up of my thrifted finds (Enid Blyton book ‘The Enchanted Forest’, Pineapple dress, Dr Seuss t-shirt, floristry ring, Russian Dolls, yay!) the flower embroidery I did whilst I was there (that mum has kept) & some felt flowers that I’ve made so stay tuned! (all pics in this post from weheartit)

See prvious Sunday Sweetness here

2009 Craftiness

A little peek at some stuff I made last year…

Bertie The Bean Bag Monster
Funky Felt & Ribbon Brooch

Love Heart Doll
Flower Embroidery
Sad Girl Coaster
Tigers Eye Earrings
So this year I will of course be doing a lot more crafting & I promise to take lots & lots of pictures!!!