Blog Crush 2

I don’t speak French but I have fallen in love with this blog as I just absolutely adore her artwork… please nip over & check it out as her work is truly beautiful.

This blog has the loveliest fashion shots… catwalk & her own wardrobe…

And I love this blog & have let myself be suckered into their lives… Naomi just seems so lovely & refreshing & her blog is upbeat & entertaining.

A few random pictures from my summer last year… 1) me & one of my best friends, Faye, 2) me & my mate James & 3) me & my friend Sam laughing our faces off because neither of us could smile properly for the camera! I can’t wait for summer again…

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Blog Crush #1

I read so many blogs & all for different reasons.. so I decided to share some of them with you, explaining why I love reading them… & so begins my Blog Crush series! #1 is Bleubird Vintage with the charming Miss James…

The blog is soooo lovely! Miss James shares her love with thrifted & vintage goodies, updates on her Baby Bird (yep, she’s pregnant) & snapshots of her family life with her other half & her kids. It’s definitely one of my favourite eye candy blogs… Any out there that you want to share?
PS. For those of you in the UK there is now an ‘In Season Now’ list in my right hand sidebar letting you know what food is in season… I’ll keep this updated on a weekly basis 🙂