Fabric Finds…

I love fabric! Here’s a few images… 1) source unknown but aren’t they adorable?! 2) by Samantha Cotterill , 3) source unknown, I do really like fabric wreathes, 4&5) are both by yours truly, 6) another pretty wreath & 7) so cute teeth fabric, both found on weheartit.

I’m off to cook dinner for the lovely drummer boy downstairs… Chicken with mushrooms & boursin, cauliflower cheese & homemade chips. Should be scrummy!

Happy Monday!

1. Cute embroidered alphabet found over here I seem to recall it was one of Rachels vintage finds… 2. Another awesome piece from MummySam… 3&4 both found here… 5&6 cute cloth counting book found here… 7&8 both found on weheartit. I was embroidery inspired today after visiting Alli over here so I found these gorgeous embroideries for you to drool over! I have the whole day off & I’m feeling inspired so I’m going to get the needle & cotton out & head over to the tutorials that Alli mentioned here and here. And if you’re really hooked on embroidery you can read an interview with the awesome Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching over on Elsies blog here. Happy Monday everyone! xox PS. My mum who does atcs, cards & floristry just her first blog award here well done mum! Love you xxx

When I Grow Up…

I want to be this talented! These amazing pieces are by mummysam an artist based in NY. I am especially in love with the last one, absolutely incredible. I’m off to bed now peeps as I have a sniffly cold & RSI in my wrist & shouldn’t be using the keyboard! Hope you’re all having a great weekend xox