8 Weeks To A Better Me… Week 1

Hi there… since I only joined the lovely Dani’s ‘8 Weeks To A Better Me’ in week 5 I thought I’d have a look back at the previous weeks. Week one is about blogging inspiration, what you want to blog about and setting yourself three ‘Blog goals’. Having recently signed up for Elsie’s Blog Love e-course where I want to go with my blog & what I want to post on it are things I’ve been thinking about alot recently.

My three blogging goals are…

1. Post up something I’ve created at least once a week… ideally building up gradually so that most of my posts include something creative.

2. Recipe How-To posts… I love cooking & quite often ad-lib my way & cook up some gems! I think it’ll be really fun to photograph the stages along the way… I’d quite like to create a ‘cookbook’ eventually 🙂

3. Keep up my weekly posts, even with my work timetable & I can be more organised & have them planned out in advance!

Thank you Elsie & Dani as your both a fantastic source of inspiration & both seem to be so seem & friendly! I love reading other peoples blogs & find them inspirational in themselves. I love how your blog works as an online journal for you to look back on & as a scrapbook of inspirational photos… it’s something that I really enjoy.

Now I’m off to play with Drummer Boy’s new camera so finally… those earring pics will be coming your way!

Crafty excitement!!!!

So I’ll be honest, I have been stuck in a huge non-creating rut, for quite a long time now. I’m excited about college in September & I’ve got a few days off and have a list of a few small crafty mends to get done for a couple of friends & my mum but have not really been feeling up to due to ta lack of inspiration. Even browsing my favourite blogs has failed to boost me….
But this morning everything changed! I have bought & perused issue one of Mollie Makes & I am so excited! It’s such a beautiful magazine, the photography is gorgeous, it features Rob Ryan, Emily Peacock & one of my absolute favourite bloggers & crafters, Dottie Angel. There are a few crafty how-to’s in there, complete with stencils & a free gift… I used to love buying Frankie but haven’t been able to get my mitts on it in some time so I’m soooo glad I spotted Mollie Makes! Somehow having beautiful images actually on paper in front of me is more inspirational for me than the online blogs that I look through…
Due to general excitedness & actually a need to do something I’m off but I’ll leave you with these visions of loveliness…

(All images from weheartit – tagged ‘illustration’)

PS. I have about 6 old mobile phones kicking around, all of which are pretty ancient & not even worth sending to those money-for-your-mobile companies… anyone have any suggestions what could be done with them?? Or do you know of any charities that take them for recycling purposes?


Today I am very very tired… it’s snowing heavily outside but I’m all wrapped up nice & warm… I’ve been tidying up my laptop & re-discovered my ‘inspirations’ folder.. Lots & lots of photographs that I lurve to look at… these are just a few… (Sources unknown… they’ve been on my laptop a while… if anything is yours drop by & let me know! x)