Friday Fashion

It’s a tad odd that I started a Friday fashion post as fashion isn’t really my thing. You can see the first ever FF post here

I think this will be my last FF post, if you’re a fashion fan then I do apologise, but fear not I’m sure the odd fashion post will sneak it’s way in every now & again!

I’ve decided to do something more ‘me’ as my regular Friday post, so, starting next week will be ‘Foodie Friday’… recipes, photographs, drawings & whatever takes my fancy! See you next Friday! x 

Friday Fashion

Oh the humble maxi dress. How I love thee. 
When you wear a maxi you KNOW it’s summer!

Friday Fashion

Oh yes… I now own these adorable Cath Kidston plimsolls… I ❤ them!

I do absolutely love florals! I’m really looking forward to some sunny weather so that I can get out my flowery maxi dresses & skirts… A girl can daydream! It’s raining here now again… I’m off to cook dinner. Have a great weekend! xoxox

Friday Fashion & Lasagne-how-to

(All pix sourced from weheartit)

This weeks Friday Fashion is all about jewellery… absolutely adore the last ring… amazing! Jewellery is all I can think about right now. I’ve made earrings all week & am now having to design 4 necklaces… 1 wedding necklace & 3 gifts that all have to be person-specific. Totally failing to do what I promised myself here I still haven’t bought a new battery for my camera but pix of the earrings will be here soon I promise!
I’m baking lasagne tonight for Drummer Boy & his daughter, Alia, which always goes down a treat… My version is dead simple, I make my own sauce but cheat on the white sauce step! You need…
Minced beef 
Tomato passata
onions (or spring onions)
mushrooms (sssshhhhh, don’t tell Alia!)
lasagne sheets
streaky bacon 
creme fraiche
medium cheddar
vegetable oil
worcester sauce
black pepper
fresh basil
dried herbs – oregano, ‘italian seasoning’
Method: *Fry off chopped garlic & onion is vegetable oil (or sunflower or olive oil), add mince beef & brown. *Pour in tomato passata, add fresh basil & dried herbs, simmer… *Add roughly chopped streaky bacon… *Add sliced peppers & mushrooms… *Allow to simmer & thicken & add a good glug of worcester sauce. *Once meat sauce is ready spoon a layer into the bottom of an oven dish… layer over with lasagne sheets… *next spoon over a layer of creme fraiche & top with grated parmesan… *repeat until everything is used up then finish off with a top layer of grated cheddar & parmesan… *pop in the oven for roughly an hour et voila! Scrummy lasagne!
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Friday Fashion

How awesome are these tees? All from Common Threadz, each tee is one of a print run of 250 so you’re pretty unlikely to see anyone else wearing one! Most of the tees are about $38/£23.50 & each tee you buy pays for school uniform for an orphaned child in Africa. Definitely worth checking out… I want this one…

I’ve mentioned these guys before here when I signed up for Isis’ Ethical Clothing Pledge which is a fantastic idea but which I most definitely have failed on in the last year! To be fair to me I think as much as many of us would like to be greener on an every day level on the British high street it’s really quite hard! One thing I am very good at though is recycling my clothes when I have bought new stuff.. I dish them out to friends & bag them up & take them to the charity shops so at least I don’t have items languishing at the bottom of my wardrobe!

And you can get your mitts on any of these if you pop over to Bleubird Vintage… if I was skinnier the rainbow patchwork skirt would be mine… I love it! Now that my shopping urge has been satisfied without actually spending a penny I’m off to get ready for work… Hope you all have a lovely start to your weekend xox

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Friday Fashion

All these awesome tees are courtesy of these Etsy shops… NYILLUSTRATION, TheBoldBanana, Em&Sprout and last but not least, Rocky The Zombie who are based in Southsea, Hampshire. I quite fancy the moustache one… xox

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Friday Fashion… (24 hours late!)

OK so it’s confession time. I’m sitting in bed in my pajamas with an absolutely horrendous hangover eating chocolate spread sandwiches*. Yesterday I went to work, planned to come home, play with my (new ~ no.24 on my Before I’m 33 Wishlist!) camera, do a lovely blog post… instead I got sidetracked by my friend Helen and a couple of bottles of wine. Hence Friday Fashion is a day late & is about one of the greatest comfort items ever… the humble beanie! Enjoy x
(*I’m incredibly grown up & posh though so we’re talking Nutella & poppy seed bread!)
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Friday Fashion…

So I have an obssession with stripes, and polka dots, & knee high socks and bobbed hair & rock chick tees…
and scarves and tights… these are a few of my favourite fashion finds… I love the casual indie thrown-together boho look but I also adore the retro put-together 40/50/60’s styles that you find… &
 right now I’m LOVING yellow!
(All pics via weheartit)