Awesome Tutorials

I thought I’d share some of the fabulous tutorials I’ve seen dotted around with you in case you haven’t spotted them yourself..

This jumper is AMAZING!!! Um, also, this one isn’t actually a tutorial but if you pop over to Tiny Owl Knits you can buy the PDF pattern & make your own! If you can knit. Which I can’t!

How to sew all those fiddly felt bits without them going wonky over at Future girl

A cute spool necklace tutorial over at Wild Olive.

Bright colourful friendship bracelets over at HonestlyWTF

Lovely necklace over at Elsie‘s…

And this gorgeous felt-leaf garland on Instructables.

I’m off work for a week so I might give the friendship bracelets a go… and maybe the leaf garland.

Have a great weekend,

Hugs, Caz x

Pink Wednesday

(All pics sourced from weheartit)

The flower shot at the top is absolutely stunning, I found it on weheartit but have the person who posted it found it here which might be about to become my new favourite browsing site… Loving the bracelets, they look so pretty, which reminds me I found a DIY for old-school friendship bracelets yesterday which I haven’t tried yet but will be… on HonestlyWTF…. just need to get some more embroidery thread & then I’ll be having a go!

I had a little mess about with Drummer Boy’s new camera yesterday but I don’t think the macro function is particularly great but if I can pull off a few decent photos then that’ll be a bonus & I’ll share! I have my dad coming up to visit tomorrow for his birthday & he’s here til Sunday so I’ll definitely have some fun shots to share by next week!

My brother, me & dad on a previous visit to Oxford. We’re standing outside the famous Bodlian Library a favourite tourist destination. Unfortunately I think it’s meant to rain quite a lot over the next few days so I think I need to buy some wellies & get inventive in order to keep dad entertained! xoxox

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