Happy Monday

(Me & my brother when we were small)
This week I’m grateful that through the rioting last week everyone that I love & care about stayed safe.
I’m glad that the riots appear to be over.
I’m grateful that I’ve now gone part-time & will actually be able to concentrate on my college work.
Making me happy last week was our awesome boat trip!

(Me in the bedroom on the boat!)

Messing About On The River…

Introducing… Mr Bojangles. With one bedroom, a tiny shower/toilet & a kitchenette he is perfect for two.

The route we took… we set off from Donnington Bridge, Oxford, & went as far as Culham Lock on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday we headed back again, mooring up at Sandford Lock & then returning the boat yesterday morning.

Some of the views from the boat!

More pictures to come but didn’t want to send you to sleep putting them all in one post!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xox

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Five Images

I am so very very tired. And I’m tired of being tired. I’m counting down the days til next Wednesday because then I have a week off… finally! Because I’m so tired I’m doing a cheat post & posting 5 images I have saved on my pc….

1. me holding a starfish at a salt resivoir in Margarita, Venezuela… 2. beautiful Acorn painting, source unknown.. 3.Alice by Mercedes Helnwein… 4.Amanda by Anarkitty… & me & Mr J in Venezuela… our last proper holiday…

Here’s hoping you’ve got more energy than me!


One of my favourite things about blogging is how you get to ‘visit’ other parts of the world from your bed… Springfield Missouri, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Paris, Vancouver… Nashville… A couple of weeks ago we had heavy snow & parts of the US did then & other parts have now, whilst all the Ozzie blogs I read are posting pictures of days at the beach!                                              Sometimes I wish I had Dorothy shoes & could just bang them together & wish myself elsewhere *dreams*… I’ve been to some awesome places but neither of  the Big A’s (Australia or America) & I would absolutely love to go to both… however living here in the UK it’s sooo much cheaper to fly to the US so I’m thinking of heading there first & it’s Nashville that has caught my eye! My other half, Mr J, used to be a bass player in a band & now works as a sound engineer & gig promoter so music is a huge part of his life & for me, Nashville, the city of music, has always held a fascination. Do any of you out there know of any great places to go in Nashville? Any really nice places to stay (budget!)? Any places you absolutely cannot miss if you’re visiting? I’d absolutely love to know your favourite Nashville places & maybe someday soon me & Mr J will be stopping by!