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Ten Things

As my Ten Things on the Tenth post  for November I thought I’d share with you ten blogs that I’ve found really inspirational this year & why…

A Beautiful Mess I know that a lot of people will have come across Elsie’s blog and may well be familiar with her. I’ve been reading it for 3 years now and I still like popping over there for fun tutorials, peeks at her life (yes I’m nosey!) and her business tips.

Roots & Feathers I love Laura’s blog. I think that she makes gorgeous jewellery and her husband makes great tees. Her blog is so earthy and real and honest. She shares quite a part of herself on it and I think that’s why I keep going back.
Keri Smith If you read my blog often you might have seen me refer to Keri before. I really like her artwork, her website is interactive and I love her blog. As I said yesterday she encourages people to think outside the box, to look at things in a new way. Oddly enough I first came across Keri after a college tutor recommended her! 

Katie’s Pencil Box I adore Katie’s blog because of the colour! Her photography is fantastic and her use of colour is just incredibly inspirational. Plus admittedly I love the shots of her & her family!

Skunkboy Creatures Another Katie I love to visit… She makes incredible plushies, puts together great tutorials and I always find her blog a fun place to visit!
The Art Room Plant Hazel’s blog is like visiting an online art gallery. She finds the most amazing artists and posts their work up and I am just one of many people who visit to see who she’s discovered!
Faith, Hope & Charity Shopping Lakota’s blog is witty, well written, and unique. She shares her charity shop finds as well as entertaining us with her thoughts on Ebay and Mollie Makes amongst other things.

Vintage Vixen I love Vix’s blog… she shows you how easily you can throw together an awesome mainly vintage outfit for hardly a penny (minor exaggeration) but she can show you how to put together one of todays fashion trends for a fiver.
Skulls and Ponies Fran is a diamond. She’s a fellow crafter who genuinely likes featuring other crafters to her blog, is refreshingly honest about depression and migraines and because of her I now know all about Lionheart Magazine!
Tiny Happy Melissa’s blog is just beautiful. She’s a crafter who is greatly inspired by nature and she shares photographs of her creations and the plants and flowers that inspired them. A lovely slice of the Blogosphere.
I hope that if you haven’t read any of these blogs before that you pop over and have a look because, believe me, they’re worth it.

Shop Update

I added some more pendants to my shop today… if you’re thinking of getting a pretty necklace for someone for Christmas, pop over & take a look!

Hugs, Caz xox

Shop Update

My shop is loaded up & ready for shoppers!


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Back to work today… must remember to smile!!!!
Had lunch with my brother now off to work so proper posting will resume very very soon! x

Goldie Hawn…

Thought I’d share why Goldie Hawn is on my ‘People I Admire’ list… & well, it’s mostly because I kinda, fell in love with her a little bit! She’s a talented actress, she’s gorgeous & very very very funny! She’s a Buddhist, a mother & has had a long healthy relationship with the tasty Kurt Russell! Her autobiography ‘A Lotus In The Mud’ is a great read. Go on, put on Private Benjamin, you know you want too! xox

Happy Mothers Day!

1. Beatien Yazz, Mother & Child, 2. Klimt, 3. Max Mannix
PS. I love mine xoxox