Staying Creative

EDIT: Today I tried a couple of things on the list… having fun & finishing something! I made 8 new necklaces and an autumnal wreath. I don’t think that the wreath is quite finished but I’m pretty happy with it. 
The necklaces were a bit of an experiment but for now I’m waiting for them to dry & I’ll see what I think in the morning. However they are finished & the wreath was fun… it’s good to think outside the box every so often.

Now I’m chilling out with the Salvatore brothers.. (yep, I’m watching The Vampire Diaries & loving every second!)

Fabric Finds…

I love fabric! Here’s a few images… 1) source unknown but aren’t they adorable?! 2) by Samantha Cotterill , 3) source unknown, I do really like fabric wreathes, 4&5) are both by yours truly, 6) another pretty wreath & 7) so cute teeth fabric, both found on weheartit.

I’m off to cook dinner for the lovely drummer boy downstairs… Chicken with mushrooms & boursin, cauliflower cheese & homemade chips. Should be scrummy!


It’s my birthday today (32) so happy birthday to me!!! I’m meeting a friend in an hour or so & then out for dinner with Mr J tonight.. I’m very excited! Anyway here are a few birthday wishes… cake! … a polaroid camera…. a Blythe doll (maybe one day x)… a book by one of my favourite authors… a gorgeous wreath from KnockKnocking