The Sarah Wiseman Gallery

In the spirit of conquering my ever-growing to-do list today I took my new camera (yes, finally!!!!) & myself off to visit the Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Oxford. I think I picked the right time to go as I found most of the work in there absolutely breathtaking…

This installation is incredible. Wire spikes have been mounted into a wooden board & felt balls in varying shades of blue affixed to the spikes to create this effect. It’s so tactile & when you see it in real life you really want to touch it. (believe me, I did!)Unfortunately I cannot remember the artist’s name.

These ceramic pieces are by a lady called Katie Almond whose work is so sweet & nostalgic. I bought the above brooch & at £12.50 for an original piece of art work I’d say that’s a bargain!

These are by a Bristol based artist called Helen Ward using Victorian handmade paper. I literally caught my breath when I saw the first one, I love butterflies.

Cute felt jewellery by Scottish textile artist Lynsey Walters.

I took these two photographs from outside the gallery. I love how because of the sun the photographs have captured the buildings behind me too… I really like the effect!
Again I’m not sure who the first piece is by but the second one is by Allyson Austin.

I’ll definitely be having a nose round there again. The receptionist was friendly & let me take photographs myself & it’s only ten minutes from my house! 
Check out the gallery here.

1,2,3,4,6 & 7 all by me