Sunday Sweetness

Today I need a little bit of Sunday Sweetness…. It was grey, cold & rainy when I set off to work, disaster struck when the gas turned off at work & then I got home to discover that I have lost 3 hours worth of work that I did Friday night…  GGgggggggrrrrr!!!! It’s all OK though because I only have 2 days left before I’m on holiday & now I’m home in the warm with Mr J who is cooking roast Lamb 🙂
No. 1 is another piece by the very talented Anarkitty (can you tell I’m a huge fan?!) I just adore her big eyed, brightly coloured, pierced girls who all have fabulous hair! They are so beautifully done & captivating.
2. Love this picture… Mr J thinks she looks like an elf! I saved this from a blog post I read recently but I confess to not remembering which one ( i read over 70 blogs!) so if it was yours I’m sorry… drop me a comment & I’ll link up! here!!!! Thank you Lulu!
3. Button bouquet. I found this one day when googling ‘bouquets’ on Google Images. It’s gorgeous! I’d quite like to have a go at making one myself one day. Does anybody recognise the work? I’d love to know who made it.
4. Blythe dollhouse… how cute?! Another one I have saved on the pc so not sure where I found it. Whoever the lucky owner is they also have a Jasmine Becket-Griffith print on the wall & I love her work too. I’m not sure what it is about big-eyed art but it has definitely stolen my heart.
5. Gorgeous Michi Girl page. Michi Girl is the work of an Aussie collaberation but the artwork is by Kat McLeod who I am a huge fan of! I love that she uses fabric to make the dresses for her artwork. I did a collage last summer inspired by her work & it turned out really well. I’m planning on doing some more this year when my work schedule settles down.
6. I love this piece by Natasha Law. Her work is so simple yet intimate.
7. I love these shoes! Source unknown.
8. Gorgeous owl, source unknown. Why do we all like owls so much? Is it because they seem so wise & mysterious?
Happy Sunday xoxox
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My Little Secrets #2

1. I’m posting this in my pajamas… I’m supposed to be doing my staff rotas for the next two weeks but I’m having a beer, watching NCIS & blogging!

2. My tearducts don’t work. Strange but true.
3. I’m a born proofreader. I can’t read anything without spotting spelling mistakes. I even read cereal packets.

4. I am a Coca-Cola addict. My waitresses joke that I should go to rehab. I really need to give it up… I dread to think what it could be doing to my insides!
5. I make a mean Spaghetti Bolognese. Minced beef, chopped bacon, Italian tinned tomatoes, crushed fennel seeds, mixed herbs, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, chilli powder, ginger powder, tomato puree, mushrooms, peppers, onion, garlic & a couple of squares of dark chocolate. Spaghetti al dente… delish!!!
6. When I was 17 I was a vegetarian. At the time there weren’t many vegetables that I liked so I lived on chips. In the end I gave up.
I wish I had long red hair.
I love Mr J & I wish we had more time together. He’s at work tonight. Sunday evening though we’ll be home together & we’ll tuck into a traditional Sunday roast & chill out. He’s so silly & he makes me laugh so much. And he’ll kill me if he see’s these pictures on here! 😉

Have you got a secret to share?

Five Images

I am so very very tired. And I’m tired of being tired. I’m counting down the days til next Wednesday because then I have a week off… finally! Because I’m so tired I’m doing a cheat post & posting 5 images I have saved on my pc….

1. me holding a starfish at a salt resivoir in Margarita, Venezuela… 2. beautiful Acorn painting, source unknown.. 3.Alice by Mercedes Helnwein… 4.Amanda by Anarkitty… & me & Mr J in Venezuela… our last proper holiday…

Here’s hoping you’ve got more energy than me!

Pink Tuesday

Today I’m playing along with Trains and Sewing Machines (y’day) post where she picked a colour & entered it into the weheartit search box… & then posted her favourite results. I chose pink cuz it’s my favourite colour & a good antidote to the dull greyness outside! PINK MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!!!!

Sunday Sweetness

Todays Sunday Sweetness brings you… 1. lovely dolls (source unknown)… 2. loving her hair style, shoes & the gorgeous cardigan (… 3.Gorgeous Raindrop painting by smallandround… 4. absolutely adorable Alphabet illustration by urmycherrypie… 5. dreamy scene… I like the pose & her hair lookbook… 6. vintage brooch collection found here… 7. so cute deer brooch by Lovely Mariquita & 8. this fantastic O is for Owl illustration by Paul Thurlby. Hope you all had a great weekend! xox
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Book Giveaway! (Ended)

On the left hand of this blog is a nice long list of books (14 to start with!) that I am giving away, free. Basically they are books that I have read, enjoyed, but don’t feel a burning desire to keep. So… if any of them tickle your fancy just drop me an email to with your name & address & I will post your chosen book out to you! Simple xox

Bad Week & Beautiful Things!

My last 2 days at work have been horrible. Tantrum throwing, tear inducing, hangover causing horrible. Normally I love my job. It can be difficult, it involves long hours, a lot of resourcefulness, thinking on my feet and patience, but I work with a great bunch of people & I enjoy the pace. Yesterday I wanted to walk out & not go back. Aaaahhhh I was sooooo stressed out! So I went to the pub after work where Mr J had a night on (he is a sound engineer & music promoter in case I haven’t told you) & had a couple of glasses of wine. A couple of my friends appeared & I had a lovely night! And now my head hurts a bit, ouchy. However I feel so much more relaxed today & I get to work with one of my favourite people tonight so I’m thinking that everything will turn out just fine! Here are some beautiful things to perk you up if you’ve had a few rough days too… 1. Piou (thanks Audrey Jeanne!) …2 sources unknown… 3. Ruler Forest by Lizzie Thomas… 4. Bombus Design… 5. Corner Forest by Yuken Teruya… 6. awesomw knitted installation by Yoshikazu Yamagata… vintage button bouquet by Princess Lasertron.

Perfect Day

Today I spent the day with this lovely lady, one of my best friends, Carly, & her absolutely gorgeous almost 2-yr old daughter, SJ (pics to follow, this photo is about 18 months old!). It was lovely… we had lunch & went shopping, nothing too exciting, but really fun to play with SJ who I hadn’t seen since her first birthday, she is just sooooo cute! Now I get to spend the rest of the evening with Mr J, yummy homemade lasagne (yep, he made it whilst I was out!), a glass of wine or two, and our favourite TV programmes! Pretty much a perfect day off… hope you’re having a great week too xox

Embroidered Wall Hangings

I have become slightly obsessed with embroidery of late. Because I’m still learning various stitches I’m having quite a lot of fun with applique too & am mixing the two in together. I’m on a scouting mission tomorrow for some more embroidery hoops, for some reason they are in short supply in Oxford. I found these gorgeous embroideries & I wanted to share… 1) Cicada by concentric 2) Lovebirds by HouseJewels 3) I am totally in love with this one… Martha and George by Viv Strauss 4) Wrens by HareandDrum and lastly 5) by moi! I need to get a better shot with decent lighting… waiting for a bright sunny day.. Come on Spring!

Valentine Sweetness

Thwarted in my attempt to do my usual Friday Fashion post by the internet continually crashing last night and because I’m at work for ten hours straight tomorrow & will probably eat & crash out upon my arrival home I have decided to share all my favourite love-related images for a little bit of Valentine Sweetness…. 1) Hafiz quote.. 2) source unknown.. 3) Coulson Macleod.. 4,5&6) all from weheartitAre you guys doing anything romantic this weekend? We will be home Valentines night.. Mr J will be sorting dinner out whilst I’m heading home from work! We went out for dinner on Thursday evening, not for V day, but as a date night… everybody needs one of those sometimes! I need to get into the habit of taking my camera out.. not used to having it yet! Anyway I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xoxox