Bargain Bounty!

I popped into the British Heart Foundation shop yesterday & picked this little lot up for £11! Bargain!
The Water Babies was one of my favourite films when I was a child but I’ve never read the book. 
An illustrated version of The Twits by Roald Dahl? Yes please!
The RSPB book of birds is lovely and will come in very useful as I can now practise drawing birds realistically.
Cider With Rosie I read at school and remember really enjoying it so when I spotted this copy for £1 I couldn’t leave it sat on the shelf!
The McCalls Sewing book literally has everything you need to know in it! Plus some rather adorable illustrations which of course I’m going to have a go at drawing myself. 
Last but not least is the General Science book first printed in 1937 and reprinted in 1938. I’m fairly certain that a few of the scientific theories in here are now deemed incorrect but it has some beautiful illustrations in it so I thought it was worth it’s £3 price tag. It even has exam questions in the back!

The carrot illustration I’ve done from the General Science book. I’m sure when they printed it over 70 years ago this isn’t quite what they had in mind but at least I’m still learning something!

Hugs, Caz x

PS. If you’re on the hunt for Christmas decorations the British Heart Foundation shops are selling some quite adorable (new) ornaments this year!

An Unexpected Surprise

You may have noticed that I have a new blog header… what do you think? It was designed for me by the lovely Kathryn of Atavisions & was one of two designs she sent me completely out of the blue… What a lovely unexpected surprise!

Above is the other one that she sent but I loved the lime green in the one I’ve used, a lovely pop of colour makes it quite eye catching. I love how she’s incorporated in my recent illustration too & am genuinely quite flattered! Thanks Kat xox

Fashion Illustration

Here are the results of my first attempt from my new Fashion Illustration book. It actually suggests colours you should use as well as showing you how to draw your illustration step-by-step but I strayed from the colouring in instructions & opted to give my model leopard print tights for a bit of fun! I’ll share my favourites with you as I go along… doing this also gave me some ideas for some more collage work too which I’ll have a go at soon.

I Drew This…

I drew this young lady in pencil & crayon the other day. Am currently having a go at Fashion Illustration with a how-to book… must keep practising!