Happy Monday

(all pics sourced from weheartit)
Hi all… I’m back from my trip home which really didn’t go as planned as I ended up with a 4-day migraine so I didn’t do my planned walk, didn’t catch up with many people & had to cut my trip short. Oh well! I did have the pleasure of looking after my friends daughter whilst I was there & she is just absolutely adorable! I think I’ve fallen in love! 🙂

On a slightly different note, I’ve been thinking about my health/job/lifestyle quite a bit lately & am debating going to college. My health has definitely been below par for the last few months, I’ve been incredibly tired & run down & my skin is so dehydrated that I resemble a snake! I’m wondering if tiredness & the fact that I’d ‘stopped’ were what caused my migraine. I’ve been working 10-13 hour days 6 days a week in a job which on paper is great but in reality is quite stressful and demanding & relatively thankless. I work in a food environment which I love, and everyday is different which I need but I think it’s taking its toll & perhaps I need to slow-up. I’ve always been interested in Nutrition & how your diet affects many different facets of your life but having gained a double D at GCSE Science getting onto a Nutritional degree is almost impossible (read as: going back to school to do GCSE again, aarrrggghhh, or completing an Access into Science course, arrrrgggghhhh, & then doing a Foundation course & then doing a Degree!) so I’ve been looking at alternatives. I’m more interested in passing on beneficial nutritional knowledge, what to eat for optimum health, how to educate children to eat well, teaching Joe Bloggs what is in season & how to cook it than the science behind it all. Most Nutrition degrees are very science based but if I go into Health Care then I can specialise in Public Health or Nutrition so I’m currenty reassessing.

Going back to college would have to be part-time as I need to work & am not daft enough to give up this job without something solid to go into! I do enjoy my job, I’m just not sure that I can keep up the pace anymore! Anyway I’m off to to some more research & weigh up my options… hope you all had a great weekend, happy monday!