My Oxford #2

A Guide To Dining In Oxford…

I have decided to make My Oxford a series of posts rather than a page which I have removed. So in part two we have a few of my favourite places to eat…

*Al Andalus, Tapas Bar, Little Clarendon Street, Jericho*

This Tapas bar is a real favourite of mine. My friends from work & I gohere quite a lot! The food is delicious, with a huge choice of meats, cheese,and fish. It’s unpretentious, has a really nice garden area at the back &occasionally has live Flamenco! It’s not the best place to go if you’revegetarian but they are very accomodating if you have food allergies.

*Pierre Victoire, Little Clarendon Street, Jericho*

This family run French restaurant is another real favourite of ours. Thefood here is always fantastic and the service is great. It gets very busy so itis advisable to book, however if you do chance it, they’ll give you a waitingtime if there are no free tables & are more than happy for you to get adrink elsewhere during that time.

*The Oxford Retreat, Hythe Bridge Street*

I’ve included the Retreat for three reasons. Firstly, they serve great foodand their dining area is lovely.
Secondly, if you’re hungry at 1.30am they stay open until 3am on Friday& Saturday nights and serve pizza after midnight!
Which leads to the third reason… we are there virtually every Friday andSaturday night after work! It’s perfect for us because we don’t finish tillgone midnight and actually having somewhere we can go, grab a pint, and sharepizza after work is fantastic.

*The Mission, St. Michaels Street and The High Street*

 If you’re hungry and want good foodon the go then this is my recommendation! They make the most amazing Burritos.My favourite is the Chicken Fajita Burrito, Tom’s is the Vegetarian Burrito.Awesome.

*Cafe Coco, Hythe Bridge Street/Park End and Cowley Road*

These guys serve a great Full English Breakfast. At the Cowley Roadrestaurant the pizza’s are great. For some reason at the City Centre restaurantthey aren’t so good, but the Chorizo & Mushroom salad is delicious. Theservice in both isn’t so great but if you’re after somewhere casual to getBrunch then they’re pretty good.

*Mario’s, Cowley Road*

We went here on our anniversary. It really feels like a proper Italianrestaurant, it’s a great place to people watch and the pizza’s are amazing.

Have you got a favourite eaterie in Oxford? If so please share!

Keep an eye out for more in the My Oxford series,

Hugs, Caz x