Foodie Friday

Click the pictures to follow the links. I love food illustration. It’s something I’d like to have a go at soon.

The Girls

I am awaiting more materials (ie brass chains, more findings etc.) but may put these beauties onto my Big Cartel shop with red velvet ribbon as opposed to chains… any thoughts?

Botanical Pendants

The above one is a 1976 stamp featuring a Grandpa Dickson rose.

This one & the one below are from a postcard featuring ‘Embroidery’ by Dorris Kirlew, a watercolour artist from Brighton whom I believed passed away in 1998.

This one is from a 1976 Royal National Society envelope.

Another 1976 rose stamp.. this one is Rosa Mundi.

And this one is 1976 Sweet Briar stamp.

All of the 1976 stamp & the envelope are from a 1976 Centenary of the Royal National Rose Society envelope with four brand new issue stamps on it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of these as the stamps are the perfect size & the colours are gorgeous!

What do you think guys? Hopefully they will soon be available for you here.

Dragons do exist!

Far far away from us, in the depths of the sea, dragons do exist… Sea Dragons.
Aren’t they just absolutely beautiful? They are so so so tiny! 

I learnt about them watching David Attenborough’s Life… I think the Fish episode. If you can get your mitts on this series then you really should watch it, it’s absolutely fascinating!

Victoria by Victoria Beckham

I LIKE Victoria Beckham’s new collection.


I’ve said it.

Particularly this cat dress. There’s also a  very cute one with moons on.
I honestly will never own this dress, as after all, it’s retailing for a few hundred quid!

But I’ll be keeping an eye out for copycats… (geddit?! ha ha ha!)

What do you guys think?

The Bride

I didn’t take this picture but it sums up the bride perfectly… doesn’t Claire look absolutely gorgeous?!

The necklace she’s wearing is the one I made for her which I showed you here. Luckily the pearls matched exactly with the ones on her dress which was a sheer fluke as I hadn’t seen her dress beforehand!

I have some pearls left over so i may use some of the smaller ones to make her some earrings for her birthday in November.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a crazy weekend… work was insanely busy & when I got home early evening yesterday I fell asleep!
I’m grateful the weekend is over… this week I’m looking forward to seeing my brother, catching up with friends, learning how to use indian inks, getting my glasses fixed & days off, ha ha!