Makeup help!

So, recently, after an allergic reaction to two different types of eyeshadow, The Body Shop & Elite by abcosmetiques and suspecting an allergic reaction to Ferro ferricyanide, an ingredient in both, I went on a mission to find some different eye makeup. I discovered Beauty Without Cruelty which is suitable for vegans & vegetarians & fragrance free. I checked & it contained no cyanide ingredients so I snapped up an eye colour & a mascara. But…. I’ve been using them a few days & I’m not a fan. Both the shadow & the mascara come off really quickly & to be honest the mascara really doesn’t do the job for me.
Does anyone know of any cyanide-free good, effective brands? They don’t have to be suitable for vegans as I ‘fess up to being quite a meat eater but I’m definitely up for recommendations of anything that won’t make my eyelids swell up!

Perfect Day

(images via weheartit)
I have been working my butt off lately & with the sun shining its face too I have definitely been a little neglectful of this little corner of my universe! I had Saturday off & had a lovely day catching up with friends & I’ve been off today with mr J & chilling out this evening catching up with TV… Saturday lunchtime I met up with my friend Laura, whom I haven’t seen for about a year! We had lunch at a favourite place of mine, The Oxford Retreat, caught some sun & a had a good catch up. Saturday night I went to the local Tapas bar with some work friends & it was fantastic! The food was delicious & the company hilarious, but no one took a camera, doh! Here’s one of me & Laura though…
Today Mr J & I went clothes shopping at TK Maxx… conscience free shopping! TK Maxx sell end-of-the-line stuff & clothes that haven’t sold in the sales that would otherwise go to a landfill. I picked up a cute floaty top & some faded grey skinny jeans, Mr J got himself a checked shirt, he is most pleased! Mr J had to work tonight so I’ve been catching up on my favourite TV… Murder She Wrote, NCIS, Cold Case… (I’m a TV murder junkie!)… back to work tomorrow, but for now… a perfect day xox

Happy Monday

We have been having the most amazing weather! So much so that I actually caught the sun & went slightly pink on Saturday. My freckles are threatening to come out! Spring is definitely here to stay & if the glimpses of sun we’ve been having are anything to go by it’s going to be an amazing summer!

Whilst browsing the net this morning before I don my sunnies & venture outside I found lots & lots of doilies. Vintage, handmade, remade, lampshades, bowls, incorporated with ceramics… doilies are the perfect expression of spring… taking something old & breathing new life into it… take a peek…

This piece is by Marie-Louise Sundqvist & I found this via here, one of my favourite inspiration blogs. I just love this piece. Over here I found some incredible shots, make sure you pop over & have a look…

Found this one from the same escapade here… it must have taken quite some time to have done this!

Then there is the beautiful work of the very talented Tif over at Dottie Angel

I am completely in love with that dress… purple is right up there with pink as my favourite colour & the doilies make such a lovely detail. More below found here

I particularly like the curtain… great if you’ve accidently ripped your net curtains… doily them up! Well, Happy Monday folks, here’s to a lovely week… xox

Pink Thursday

All pictures sourced from weheartit
This weekly pinkfest started here after being inspired by Trains & Sewing Machines on a post very much like this one. She picks a different colour each week to search on weheartit but I’m a pink fanatic so I usually just search for… pink! I am especially loving the adorable kid in the gigantic pink sunglasses, soooo cute!
Last night I helped my friend Hannah with a teeny bit of packing because she’s moving to Leeds next week (I’ll miss you Smith!) we had wine, ate pizza, and I raided her wardrobe. Score! 8 new summery tops for me! Yay! My summer wardrobe has been boosted of late & it’s only cost me about £15 so far. (Plus the £11 taxi fare home last night. Ouch!) Charity shops & your friends wardrobe definitely the way forward!
Gotta run, have a full on day at work today so I really need to get moving. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!
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Happy Monday!

1. Cute embroidered alphabet found over here I seem to recall it was one of Rachels vintage finds… 2. Another awesome piece from MummySam… 3&4 both found here… 5&6 cute cloth counting book found here… 7&8 both found on weheartit. I was embroidery inspired today after visiting Alli over here so I found these gorgeous embroideries for you to drool over! I have the whole day off & I’m feeling inspired so I’m going to get the needle & cotton out & head over to the tutorials that Alli mentioned here and here. And if you’re really hooked on embroidery you can read an interview with the awesome Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching over on Elsies blog here. Happy Monday everyone! xox PS. My mum who does atcs, cards & floristry just her first blog award here well done mum! Love you xxx

Thinking Green

Four weeks ago I decided to undertake The Ethical Clothing Challenge of the Utmost Kind… an amalgamation of a couple of different pledges & ideas that I discovered in blog land. I have discovered that actually I am not a huge consumer. I am a magazine addict but I’ve limited myself to ownly buying Marie Claire which is dedicated to aiding human rights, bring green issues to women, & womens rights and buying The Independent newspaper (especially now that it’s election time!) and of course reading my favourite blogs. I don’t buy things for the home as we have everything that we need to be honest. Even if we need kitchenware I head to the nearest charity shop whereby you can purchase a perfectly lovely mug for 50p! I have an entire vintage 70’s dinner set that I picked up for a fiver. Why buy new?!! My downfall is clothes. At work I have to wear uniform so out of work I like to wear nice things. My wardrobe is in a weird transistional phase where I have t-shirts I used to wear when I worked behind a bar but don’t wear anymore, dresses that used to fit but are now to big, old vests that I use as pajama tops… & not a whole lot else. However over the last month I’ve only bought one new item of clothing (I was away from home & very very cold & bought a thick chunky grey cardigan that I will wear over & over!)… it was the shoes. Rainbow ballet pumps from Schuh. Again though I’m already wearing them constantly but it has made me question just how much is actually available on the high street? Today courtesy of The British Heart Foundation & Oxfam I’ve come home with 2 dresses & a lovely Dorothy Perkins top, a Louis Theroux book for Mr J & a very very interesting book for me… Green is the New Black by Tamsin Blanchard. It’s funny, relevant, very up-to-date & not just good for a Brit chick.. at the back it has a global green directory for clothing and hair and beauty, I think it will be my new green bible! I’ve also recently read a fascinating interview with Jane Sheperdson the woman behind Whistles’ current revamp. She does consultant work for People Tree & Oxfam, was responsible for bringing People Tree to Topshop & is now working similar magic at Whistles. Most of the clothes are made in the UK for starters with only 35 factories being used to make their entire collection. Yes prices are high but it’s worth it to have a good quality item that will last several years & wasn’t made using child-labour in a sweatshop. I’m glad I’ve undertaken this pledge as it really has made me think before buying, it makes me ask whether or not I really need that and it’s made me think just how much my decisions affect other people. And on that last note I’ve got 4 weeks to figure out which party to vote for in the General Election….

Sun(Mon)day Sweetness

(All pictures sourced from weheartit) I hope you’ve all had/are having a Happy Easter! To be honest I worked right through it but I did find the time to buy Mr J & a couple of friends their Easter eggs 🙂 Work has been pretty crazy, I racked up an impressive 72 hours over the last week! On the up side I found out that work is sending me to ITALY at the end of April… I’m soooooooo excited! I’ll be going to the beautiful Amalfi coast in Southern Italy, where the enigmatic Gennaro Contaldo is from, & I’ll be doing wine tasting & seeing how Grappa is made… it should be a fantastic few days.I still managed to find the time this Friday to head back home (to the teeny tiny town of Wellingborough where I grew up) for my best friends leaving do (as she is moving to beautiful Cornwall!) which was so much fun! One of my other closest friends was there & we had a fantastic night. We sang along to all the karaoke (didn’t actually do the karaoke ourselves, oh no, we are far too cool!) & danced. Actually danced. I don’t dance by the way. It was so much fun! Mr J & I also went out for dinner on Thursday night at Quod in Oxford & had absolutely amazing Steak & on Saturday night I went to a new wine bar, Bottega, with my friend Kath. I think I’ve had my social events for the month packed into the last few days! I’ll be a homebody now for the rest of the month 🙂
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