Aren’t these onesies absolutely adorable?! I bought them for my due-very-soon nephew from Jennifer Noel Designs on Etsy. They arrived on Saturday, which considering I ordered them on October 14th & Jennifer is based in the States, is pretty quick!
I’m also working on a dinosaur applique onesie for him myself too.. I lost the needle I  needed but picked up a new one today so will get some more done on that this afternoon.
I’m not entirely sure quite why I’m so into dinosaurs… maybe because as a kid they always seemed really mysterious? Now my interest in them has resurfaced with programmes like Planet Dinosaur where they use CGI to do a ‘dinosaur documentary’… it’s pretty cool!

Anyways, I have a dinosaur to applique, hope you all had a great weekend,

hugs, Caz xox

Things I liked to do when I was a kid…

Draw matchstick pictures.
Play hopscotch.
Make paper dolls (with my Fashion Wheel!)
Play with marbles.
Dress up like a princess.
Make daisy chains.
Learn about dinosaurs.
Play with my brothers cars. (I made them go to school.)
Play dress up with Sindy & Barbie.
Learn the names of all the flowers and birds.
Go on long nature walks with my mum.
Go the park with my dad & my brother.
Colour things in. 
Write stories.

I still do a few of things.. reading, drawing matchstick pictures, colour things in & learning about dinosaurs.. (I’m an avid dinosaur documentary fan!) Maybe I should give some of the others ago too…

What about you, do you still do your favourite childhood things?