Friday Fashion… (24 hours late!)

OK so it’s confession time. I’m sitting in bed in my pajamas with an absolutely horrendous hangover eating chocolate spread sandwiches*. Yesterday I went to work, planned to come home, play with my (new ~ no.24 on my Before I’m 33 Wishlist!) camera, do a lovely blog post… instead I got sidetracked by my friend Helen and a couple of bottles of wine. Hence Friday Fashion is a day late & is about one of the greatest comfort items ever… the humble beanie! Enjoy x
(*I’m incredibly grown up & posh though so we’re talking Nutella & poppy seed bread!)
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Fifteen + Avatar

On my day off yesterday I caught the train to London for lunch at Fifteen (a Christmas present!) & then I caught the train back to Oxford & watched Avatar in 3D..
At Fifteen we had antipasti.. grilled Aubergine, buffalo Mozzarella, Salami, Prosciutto, onions.. with a basket of bread including a delicious pumpkin & goats cheese bread & then I had a very hearty Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle which was lovely. The sauce was nice & thick & it was very warming, perfect for a bitterly cold January day! We had dessert boards after with a chocolate brownie (yum), lemon polenta cake (double yum) & Grappa Pannacotta.. strangely delicious!!!!                                                    
Avatar was awesome… the effects are amazing, I almost jumped out of my seat at one point! The story line isn’t exactly 100% original but its very well put together & honestly worth the watch.. I loved it! So that’s one movie at the cinema & another 11 to go before my 33rd birthday!

Before I’m 33…

So I added some new *wishes* to my Before I’m 33 Wishlist… Rereading my favourite childhood book(s) should be fun. I remember quite vividly from when I was quite small Phoebe & The Hot Water Bottles & The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton. Two favourite series were The Chronicles of Narnia (which I have since reread) & Anne of Green Gables. It’ll be nice to revisit my childhood this way. So I adapted this & the next one from there are 70 very random things on there you should check it out! No.27 on that list is to take a photo of the sun. So I’ve added it to my list as I think it’ll be intriguing.           

Wearing an entirely red outfit for the day I think will be an experience! I don’t wear red. I’ve had red hair on many occasions & I do own a pair of red high-heeled shoes that I can’t walk in at all! So I’ll be keeping my eye out for either red skinny jeans or a lovely red dress with red tights. I used to own a red coat but not anymore… & I may even venture as far as red lipstick!                                                                                                  Donating blood is quite a biggie for me.. to be honest it scares me! Aaaaagggghhhhhh! I hate needles & am a baby about having my blood drawn for a test. Which is why I’ve put it on my list. I’ve got to do at least one thing that scares me!                                                                                                                                  Going to a castle with Mr J. In 2008 we went to Warwick castle & had a lovely day out. Mr J loves castles & we haven’t been to one since! We didn’t do much last summer (the weather was awful & I put in a lot of hours at work) but this year is definitely about making more time for us so to another castle we will go! Another thing we are quite rubbish at is going to the cinema. The last film we saw at the movies was the latest Harry Potter some time last year. This year I’m going 12 times!!!! At least. I’m also going to treat myself to the ballet. I haven’t been for absolutely years but I work next door to a theatre & this year I will be going. My other new addition is to go to Scotland. I’ve never been but Mr J has & so many people tell me it’s beautiful… Fingers crossed 🙂