So I just found this picture over at Cellardoor & couldn’t resist reposting it because it is quite possibly one of the most gorgeoues outfits I’ve ever seen! Oh to be in my early-twenties & be able to wear over the knee socks without looking ridiculous…

Both images from weheartit. The pink jacket caught my eye but it’s the fun crosses necklace that I want! And in the second pic… her eyeliner & hair are perfect! To be that much of a rock chick…

Back to cellardoor if you haven’t checked it out alright then you really should. It’s a bit like an English Frankie & i love it!  It’s a blog & magazine and they post up some pretty cool stuff like this…

(available from here) and this…

(available here) they post loads of fashion shots as well, about other bloggers, indepent crafters etc… if you’re British it’s perfect for a little bit of homegrown 🙂

Time to get ready for work, have a great weekend!

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Summer sun…

(all pics sourced from weheartit)

Its beautiful here today… I sat in the back garden in my pj’s for alomost two hours! Added a couple of extras to my blog over the last couple of days… a new page ‘Stuff I Made’, & a MixPod with a few tunes for you to listen to. The first & last tracks are by Jessie J, an English singer & songwriter who I’m massively into right now…

Then there’s Adele’s new song, Rolling In The Deep which I just cannot get out of my head! Then a few favourites from Eminem, The Cinematic Orchestra, B.O.B & Plantlife. 

Hope you’re all having a great day… I’m going to go & enjoy some more sunshine 🙂

It’s official…

… I’m a student! (Or I will be once I actually enrol in September.) I’ve been offered a place on the Access into Art & Design course @ Oxford Cherwell college in Oxford. It’s full time & means that I will be stepping down at work from Restaurant Manager to go back to waitressing as my shifts will be more flexible. I’m soooo excited!

Red Headed Woman…

Some of you may have seen this piece before on my previous blog but here it is for those of you that haven’t….

She’s painted on canvas & then I’ve glued fabric pieces on to make her dress. I was inspired by the work of Australian artist Kat Mcleod.

She now resides at my mums house in Norfolk! Itching to do something similar again… I like to use fabric in slightly different ways…

Previous two images by Kat Mcleod. She’s an illustrator who works in mixed media, love her work.

I’ve got my college interview today, cross your fingers for me! xoxox

Fabric Finds…

I love fabric! Here’s a few images… 1) source unknown but aren’t they adorable?! 2) by Samantha Cotterill , 3) source unknown, I do really like fabric wreathes, 4&5) are both by yours truly, 6) another pretty wreath & 7) so cute teeth fabric, both found on weheartit.

I’m off to cook dinner for the lovely drummer boy downstairs… Chicken with mushrooms & boursin, cauliflower cheese & homemade chips. Should be scrummy!

Sunday Sweetness

…. 24 hours late but in honour of Spring finally arriving here in England!

(All images from weheartit)

I got my interview date through for college this morning, it’s a week tomorrow! Quite excited & nervous, need to get some preperation done but not a lot of time…

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Beautifully intricate papercut by Hina Aoyama , postcard by Ai Yamaguchi whose work you can see here.

All images sourced from weheartit

Blog Crush 2

I don’t speak French but I have fallen in love with this blog as I just absolutely adore her artwork… please nip over & check it out as her work is truly beautiful.

This blog has the loveliest fashion shots… catwalk & her own wardrobe…

And I love this blog & have let myself be suckered into their lives… Naomi just seems so lovely & refreshing & her blog is upbeat & entertaining.

A few random pictures from my summer last year… 1) me & one of my best friends, Faye, 2) me & my mate James & 3) me & my friend Sam laughing our faces off because neither of us could smile properly for the camera! I can’t wait for summer again…

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Pink Wednesday

(All pictures sourced from weheartit)
I’m particularly loving the last one… how gorgeous it would be to randomly stumble upon that!
So I turned 33 in December & I can honestly say that I didn’t achieve much of my ‘Before I’m 33 Wish List’! I did re-read quite a few of my favourite childhood books… Winnie-The-Pooh, Enid Blytons Faraway Tree, The Chronicles of Narnia & Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume… a real favourite of mine.

I never did get round to wearing an entirely red outfit but I did get a gorgeous 60’s style red dress, a red cardigan & a lovely gigantic red bag for Christmas! & with the red hair…. wouldn’t mind a pair of red skinny jeans a la Mischa Barton though…

I didn’t donate blood which is bad of me but I guess I’m more squeamish than I thought… my attempt at going to the cinema 12 times wasn’t even close! I think I went maybe three times in the end! I didn’t go to the ballet but I did make it to Scotland, although only for a week with work. I’ve yet to go back to be a tourist 🙂
Off to update the list for turning 34….. xox

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Hello there!

Dear Blog,

It’s been a while… so much has changed in the last eight to nine months but for the better I hope & now I’m ready to craft & blog again! It’s funny to look back & see what I was thinking here especially my oddly prophetic feeling that a particular chapter of my life was due to close… it did, maybe six weeks later… strange. Anyway there have been a lot of changes but now I feel like I’m on the right path & fingers crossed I’ll be telling you about it soon! On a more lighthearted note, I went red 🙂

And I have a new(-ish) fella, Tom( aka Drummer Boy), who is absolutely lovely…
I’m off to check out all of your blogs that I’ve been missing… back soon xox