Sunday Sweetness

How cute are Good Night John & Jane? I found them over at Polka Dot Rabbit… No idea where the Polaroid picture came from but isn’t it awesome?? (If anybody knows could you leave me a comment? x)… I just think the girl covered in fur looks so dreamy (& I have that exact bedframe!)… loving the ballerina… both from weheartit… those love heart tights are super awesome! Where do they come from?! Anyone? (Source unknown)… pink bunny ears on red hair… cute.. (weheartit)… Braveness – so true (source unknown)… a room filled with balloons… one day I’ll do that for someone, it looks beautiful (weheartit)… beautiful bird necklace by Joanna Rutter & lastly this beautiful box full of folded paper hearts found on weheartit. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! xox

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One of my favourite things about blogging is how you get to ‘visit’ other parts of the world from your bed… Springfield Missouri, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Paris, Vancouver… Nashville… A couple of weeks ago we had heavy snow & parts of the US did then & other parts have now, whilst all the Ozzie blogs I read are posting pictures of days at the beach!                                              Sometimes I wish I had Dorothy shoes & could just bang them together & wish myself elsewhere *dreams*… I’ve been to some awesome places but neither of  the Big A’s (Australia or America) & I would absolutely love to go to both… however living here in the UK it’s sooo much cheaper to fly to the US so I’m thinking of heading there first & it’s Nashville that has caught my eye! My other half, Mr J, used to be a bass player in a band & now works as a sound engineer & gig promoter so music is a huge part of his life & for me, Nashville, the city of music, has always held a fascination. Do any of you out there know of any great places to go in Nashville? Any really nice places to stay (budget!)? Any places you absolutely cannot miss if you’re visiting? I’d absolutely love to know your favourite Nashville places & maybe someday soon me & Mr J will be stopping by!                                                                                  

Friday Fashion…

So I have an obssession with stripes, and polka dots, & knee high socks and bobbed hair & rock chick tees…
and scarves and tights… these are a few of my favourite fashion finds… I love the casual indie thrown-together boho look but I also adore the retro put-together 40/50/60’s styles that you find… &
 right now I’m LOVING yellow!
(All pics via weheartit)

Latest Creation

Please exscuse the quality of the pictures, they’ve been taken on my particulaly awful Orange Rome phone as I have no camera! What do you think??

Fifteen + Avatar

On my day off yesterday I caught the train to London for lunch at Fifteen (a Christmas present!) & then I caught the train back to Oxford & watched Avatar in 3D..
At Fifteen we had antipasti.. grilled Aubergine, buffalo Mozzarella, Salami, Prosciutto, onions.. with a basket of bread including a delicious pumpkin & goats cheese bread & then I had a very hearty Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle which was lovely. The sauce was nice & thick & it was very warming, perfect for a bitterly cold January day! We had dessert boards after with a chocolate brownie (yum), lemon polenta cake (double yum) & Grappa Pannacotta.. strangely delicious!!!!                                                    
Avatar was awesome… the effects are amazing, I almost jumped out of my seat at one point! The story line isn’t exactly 100% original but its very well put together & honestly worth the watch.. I loved it! So that’s one movie at the cinema & another 11 to go before my 33rd birthday!

Sunday Sweetness

So… for this weeks dose of Sunday Sweetness I bring you… 1) Gorgeous crocheted whale purse available here … 2) Beautiful mama & baby Matroyshkas… (unfortunately I have no idea where i got this pic from.. if these beauties are yours please let me know so I can give you credit!)… 3) vintage owl earring hangar discovered on etsy a while back… 4) raindrop magnet by me… 5) Incredibly cute cuckoo clock necklace.. I think this is an Elsie design… 6) Awesome painting by Coulson Macleod …                                                                                                                   It’s been a very very busy week this week… we’re short staffed at work so have been shattered! I also set up a DaWanda shop this week.. if you click on the DaWanda badge on the left of this blog it’ll take you there… it’s still a work-in-progress! Any free time I’ve had has been spent making & photographing so that I can put a few more items in.                                                                                                                                    Last night I had a night off from everything & went to the pub with Mr J & then came home & had an incredibly yummy curry… Chicken Passanda, Lemon rice & Peshwari naan… my favourite! I was tucked up in bed by 11pm xoxox

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2009 Craftiness Part 2

I’m not feeling too well today… it’s my day off & I’m in bed in my pj’s feeling vaguely flu-ey hoping that I’m not going to come down with anything! So… since I have zero energy I thoght I’d post a few more pics of some more bits I made last year… 1) Leaf Brooch: needle felting & seed beed embroidery… 2) Flower Brooch: needle felting (sold to the lovely Alex!)… 3) Sunburst necklace: carnelian & sunstone pieces… 4) Coral Necklace: twisted yarn & silk strands embellished with handcut felt shapes & upcycled pink shells & 5) Seashells Brooch: needle felting embellished with seed beads & upcycled shells. The next lot of pics are Dawanda gems…                                                                                    Currently I don’t have an online shop… I stopped selling on etsy last summer because my ‘day’ job is far too time consuming. I am thinking about opening another shop though this year & to this end have just signed up with Dawanda. They have some fantastic stuff on there, some real talent, maybe I’ll just stick to shopping!!! Without further ado… 1) Owl tights available miirazukale… 2) doll+house available gypsyandtwink 3) cute birdcages pendants from moumou & 4) this gorgoeus top from chivato. If you haven’t been to Dawanda you should definitely check it out… happy window shopping! xoxox


Work yesterday was long, tiring, frustrating & done on three hours sleep. Today was better but I can’t help dreaming about having my own place… my only little shop. I’m even looking at figures…

Anyway here are some pics of the type of place I would love to have one day…

(all photos found at

I’d sell handcrafted goodies, secondhand books, vintage finds, crafting supplies (especially wool… can’t get enough of it!), cupcakes, tea…. *dream*….

If you had a shop what would you sell?
BTW I haven’t made a perfect cupcake yet but I have eaten it! Marks & Spencers Luscious Lemon Cupcakes. Lovely light sponge, beautifully done lemon icing & then… lemon curd inside. Oh my gosh! Divine!

Sunday Sweetness

Some Sunday Sweetness for you all…. 1. Credit unknown (this beauty is in the ‘Inspirations’ file on my laptop)… 2. Painting by Gustav Aimar. I adore this!… 3. ‘Raindrops’ embroidery by moi… 4. I think I found this on weheartit… 5. P.S. I Love You.. another one lurking on my laptop.. no idea who it’s by… 6. The Tea Party by Julie West. I love Julie West!!!… 7. & 8. both gorgeous drawings but again, no idea where I found them! If you can account for any of the unknowns please let me know 🙂                                                                                 

1 Million Women

I’m not Aussie but i joined this anyway, mainly as a way to keep my green efforts on track… More of you ladies need to join to make the million so I thought I’d post today to give it a bump… So far I have saved 306kg of CO2 which is good to know. It is an Australian site & is therefore geared towards Aussies & some of it is not applicable here in the UK but if you are Australian… JOIN!!!!! & if you’re not.. check it out anyway…. It’s a very very inspiring website with some fantastic ideas on it & for me, a new way of thinking about some things. Have a peep & see what you think! Maybe we can convince them to go global 😉