I have been a busy little bee! Up at 8.30 am on my day off! Spent an hour this morning reading my favourite blogs over marmite on toast & a cup of tea & then got a mad urge to clean the kitchen! So busy i got with some hot water, tea tree oil & vinegar (old school) & showed Mr J how to clean a microwave the easy way! I caught up with The Vampire Diaries, recorded Murder She Wrote (I’m watching that in a minute!) & uploaded my latest photographs… 1. cute ornaments I thrifted whilst in Norfolk, 2. me in my Pineapple dress (taking pictures of yourself is awkward!), 3. pretty napkins that I also got in Norfolk. 4. is a onesie that I’ve done a very childlike design on… (shouldv’e ironed it before I took this pic!) my plan is to add some embroidery to it too so it’s a Work In Progress, 5. is another WIP, I’m just tidying it up but I like it alot & I think there will be more of these to come! Final pic is a finished necklace (yay!) available here… Off to relax now! xox

Photo Barrage

This morning I uploaded all the pictures from my camera to my laptop so without further ado here is an explanation of the photo barrage before you…. 1&2. This charming little madam is my friends daughter, SJ, who came to visit & I promised you pics here… 3. one of my Royal mugs from my burgeoning Royal mug collection…. 4,5,6&7. awesome vintage book that I am listing on Dawanda. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful & go from the Egyptian age right through to the 1970’s. 8. I dug out all my old Brownies &Girl Guides badges & have been sewing them onto this tee… 9.& also as part of the January ‘Turning Japanese’ theme over at Finki‘s I’ve also got this WIP on the go… I just need to finish her hair!