I am a prolific list writer.

Shopping lists, recipe lists, To Do lists, daydreamy ‘I would like..’ lists, daily lists, long-term lists…. I like a good list. There is something about writing something down on paper in order to achieve it. And, of course, the satisfaction of crossing it off afterwards. Sometimes I add things that I have done to a ‘To do’ list in order to make it look like I’ve done more than I have!

Back at the beginning of July in this post I set myself a list of things to do before September & I have to confess to have not gotten very far. Still to do…

 *A drawing a day.
*Go to an art exhibition
*Get bridal necklace done for Claire’s September wedding
*Get a good camera

Now I have a few more to add to the list…

*Get bridesmaids gift necklaces done (3)
*Go swimming with DB & A before the summer is over
*Have a goodbye lunch with my friend Emma before she relocates to Brum for university in 3 weeks!
*Get college projects up & rolling… (1)create a collection of amazing & interesting things ~ a minimum of 10 objects & (2) complete a visual diary in a completed scrapbook ~ recording aspects of my life through drawings, painting, photographs & collage.
*Learn some time management skills in order to achieve all of this!

Are you a list writer? I literally wouldn’t survive without them!

Money, money, money.

Or lack thereof. I have just taken a rather large wage drop & am already feeling the effects & it’ll probably get worse from September when I start college as I’ll probably have to cut back on my hours. However I am not disheartened by this as it means I can cut back on the mindless I-want-consumerism that I have allowed to slip back into my life since here

So… that means staff food at work (it’s free & ok as long as the veggies aren’t green beans… ick!), buying a monthly bus pass next pay day (a saving of at least £40), remembering to use my (newly obtained!) Boots Advantage card to get millions of points, not buying a magazine just for the sake of it when the one I want isn’t there… & maybe subscribing to the one I do want as it works out cheaper in the long run & cuts back on temptation!

I haven’t had a haircut in seven months & I trim my own fringe (fear not I am a connesieur!) as well as dying my own hair (£6 vs £40) & i’ve decided not to go to the hairdressers until December just in time for my birthday 🙂 I am quite intrigued by the idea of washing my hair au natural a la And Then There Were Four but I don’t think I’m brave enough!

I’m planning an Ebay sale for some of the stuff stashed in my room, including two gorgeous dresses (both approx £100 new but now too big) so I’ll give you a heads up when I open up shop! A friend of mine told me about musicmagpie so I’m going to gather up all my old CD’s & DVD’s & send them off. I’ve also banned myself from buying any nice new shiny things (read ‘materials’) for my jewellery making until I’ve used the massive stash I’ve already got sitting at home!

I’m feeling quite inspired by Buying Nothing New For A Year although I’d have to really think about what my parameters would be having tried to do a similar thing with clothing here. Anybody out there got any money saving/money making tips they want to share?

Have a peep here for money saving ideas x

(All pictures from Favim

Things To Do Before September

Rebecca @ Consider My Dear

1. A drawing a day… my Art & design course starts in September & in my interview the tutor stressed how important simply drawing is & said that mine was weak (it is!) & that I needed to practise over the summer. One of Leigh-Ann’s draw-a-longs might come in pretty handy!

2. Make up some more earrings using up my current stash ready for sale.

3. Go to an art exhibition… perhaps the Joan Miro exhibition at The Tate Modern?

4. Get the bridal necklace for this beautiful lady ready for their September wedding!

5. Finally get a good camera!

What’s on your ‘To Do’ list for the rest of summer? 

Without Struggle…

I’m guessing I found this pic on weheartit but I have it saved on my laptop. I love tattoos & I appreciate the sentiment. I went to college yesterday for a mini-intro into what our course is about. It sounds like it’s going to be intense & getting the work/college balance right is going to be a struggle but it’ll be worth it & as the tatt says… “Without  struggle there is no progress”

Rain, rain, go away….

It’s raining here today so I thought I’d share some rain inspired Etsy finds… this gorgeous raincloud cushion is available here isn’t it so cute?!

You can get your very own personalised raincloud in sterling silver here… so sweet!

I love this gorgeous painting, found here, I love all the bright colours in it… makes me think of a sudden torrential downpour on a sunny day…

This one is so sweet, ‘Meeting To Feed Birds’ found here

Love this t-shirt, found here, & at only $20 it’s a bargain… payday tomorrow, hmmmm….

This necklace is gorgeous… found here

How unbelievably cute are these Love-Me-Notes??! Gorgeous… find them here

And I might have to treat myself to this before I start college in September! Find here

Well I actually have to pop into work today just to sort through my stuff & sort my drawer out as when I go back to work on Tuesday it’s as a waitress.. I am a manager no more! So I’m going to brave the rain & head in so that it’s over & done with…

Hope you have a lovely day! xoxox

It’s official…

… I’m a student! (Or I will be once I actually enrol in September.) I’ve been offered a place on the Access into Art & Design course @ Oxford Cherwell college in Oxford. It’s full time & means that I will be stepping down at work from Restaurant Manager to go back to waitressing as my shifts will be more flexible. I’m soooo excited!

Red Headed Woman…

Some of you may have seen this piece before on my previous blog but here it is for those of you that haven’t….

She’s painted on canvas & then I’ve glued fabric pieces on to make her dress. I was inspired by the work of Australian artist Kat Mcleod.

She now resides at my mums house in Norfolk! Itching to do something similar again… I like to use fabric in slightly different ways…

Previous two images by Kat Mcleod. She’s an illustrator who works in mixed media, love her work.

I’ve got my college interview today, cross your fingers for me! xoxox

Sunday Sweetness

…. 24 hours late but in honour of Spring finally arriving here in England!

(All images from weheartit)

I got my interview date through for college this morning, it’s a week tomorrow! Quite excited & nervous, need to get some preperation done but not a lot of time…

See previous \Sunday Sweetness here

Happy Monday

(all pics sourced from weheartit)
Hi all… I’m back from my trip home which really didn’t go as planned as I ended up with a 4-day migraine so I didn’t do my planned walk, didn’t catch up with many people & had to cut my trip short. Oh well! I did have the pleasure of looking after my friends daughter whilst I was there & she is just absolutely adorable! I think I’ve fallen in love! 🙂

On a slightly different note, I’ve been thinking about my health/job/lifestyle quite a bit lately & am debating going to college. My health has definitely been below par for the last few months, I’ve been incredibly tired & run down & my skin is so dehydrated that I resemble a snake! I’m wondering if tiredness & the fact that I’d ‘stopped’ were what caused my migraine. I’ve been working 10-13 hour days 6 days a week in a job which on paper is great but in reality is quite stressful and demanding & relatively thankless. I work in a food environment which I love, and everyday is different which I need but I think it’s taking its toll & perhaps I need to slow-up. I’ve always been interested in Nutrition & how your diet affects many different facets of your life but having gained a double D at GCSE Science getting onto a Nutritional degree is almost impossible (read as: going back to school to do GCSE again, aarrrggghhh, or completing an Access into Science course, arrrrgggghhhh, & then doing a Foundation course & then doing a Degree!) so I’ve been looking at alternatives. I’m more interested in passing on beneficial nutritional knowledge, what to eat for optimum health, how to educate children to eat well, teaching Joe Bloggs what is in season & how to cook it than the science behind it all. Most Nutrition degrees are very science based but if I go into Health Care then I can specialise in Public Health or Nutrition so I’m currenty reassessing.

Going back to college would have to be part-time as I need to work & am not daft enough to give up this job without something solid to go into! I do enjoy my job, I’m just not sure that I can keep up the pace anymore! Anyway I’m off to to some more research & weigh up my options… hope you all had a great weekend, happy monday!