Five Images

All of these shots were taken out and about in Oxford. The monster graffiti is near my bus stop & makes me smile each time I see it.

Hugs, Caz x

Five Images

All recent shots of mine.

Five Images

(First pic ~ Pantone colour chart. The rest… saved on my laptop! If anyone knows who to credit them to please let me know!)

Off to hell uh-hum, work. Have a lovely Saturday!

Five Images

I’ve been wanting to post this picture for ages….. I have no idea where I found it but I absolutely love how it represents the food chain, so clever.

My dad emailed this photo… how cute?!

Love the raccoon!

Beautiful… love the colours particularly.

(Source – same Tumblr as above)
How awesome is this illustration? Makes me think of Winter… which in my opinion has definitely arrived here in the UK!

Five Images

Today’s Five Images were all take by moi down in Newquay. The surfboards were all lined up outside a shop. I did see a few surfers braving it over the weekend but according to one of the locals it was much windier than normal down there & one surfing event got cancelled!
The ‘a’ is part of the Mambo sign outside their shop. I love the way they’ve assembled all different pieces of wood, it’s like a collection. 
The brightly painted beach huts caught my eye on Tolcarne beach which is apparently lovely in the summer.
When I wandered down to the harbour I found myself sharing a wall with the gulls… so I took a snap!
Had to get a shot of the shark & his fish companion! Believe it or not there’s actually a house here in Oxford that has half a shark poking out of the roof. Bizarre!

Five Images

Autumn is here. Usually I love its crispness & glorious colours but instead at the moment I am feeling particularly grey & low… I think it’s a general lack of sunshine!
Come on blue skies, I need you 🙂

Five Images

Five images to share with you whilst I’m away splashing about on the Thames…

1. I love the childlike innocence of this drawing. And I really should start eating kiwi again! Follow the link to Sonicos! flickr for more cute illustrations.

2. I have no idea where I found this Pooh image but I LOVE the quote.

3. Love this tree image by Kailey Lang. Pop over & check out her DeviantArt.

4. So so true. When will we learn the impact we are having on our planet? Will we ever manage to stop being such a throwaway society?

5. Me (aged 16) & my brother (approx 11/12) near the Thames Barrier in London a million zillion years ago. Check out my pink jelly shoes!

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