Bad Week & Beautiful Things!

My last 2 days at work have been horrible. Tantrum throwing, tear inducing, hangover causing horrible. Normally I love my job. It can be difficult, it involves long hours, a lot of resourcefulness, thinking on my feet and patience, but I work with a great bunch of people & I enjoy the pace. Yesterday I wanted to walk out & not go back. Aaaahhhh I was sooooo stressed out! So I went to the pub after work where Mr J had a night on (he is a sound engineer & music promoter in case I haven’t told you) & had a couple of glasses of wine. A couple of my friends appeared & I had a lovely night! And now my head hurts a bit, ouchy. However I feel so much more relaxed today & I get to work with one of my favourite people tonight so I’m thinking that everything will turn out just fine! Here are some beautiful things to perk you up if you’ve had a few rough days too… 1. Piou (thanks Audrey Jeanne!) …2 sources unknown… 3. Ruler Forest by Lizzie Thomas… 4. Bombus Design… 5. Corner Forest by Yuken Teruya… 6. awesomw knitted installation by Yoshikazu Yamagata… vintage button bouquet by Princess Lasertron.