Salvaged Roses Necklace

I made this necklace this evening. I named it Salvaged Roses because the main piece is actually a broken cabochon that I’ve had lying around for ages. It is so pretty I wanted to salvage it somehow & this evening I figured out what I was going to do with it! I have sewn & glued it onto five layers of felt so the backing is very sturdy. Then I’ve simply slipped it onto a silver ball chain. What do you think?

*Now available here*

The Pink Post

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Final picture is Oscar my new owl! Tom bought him today for me as a surprise present! 

Five Images

All recent shots of mine.

Botanical Pendants

The above one is a 1976 stamp featuring a Grandpa Dickson rose.

This one & the one below are from a postcard featuring ‘Embroidery’ by Dorris Kirlew, a watercolour artist from Brighton whom I believed passed away in 1998.

This one is from a 1976 Royal National Society envelope.

Another 1976 rose stamp.. this one is Rosa Mundi.

And this one is 1976 Sweet Briar stamp.

All of the 1976 stamp & the envelope are from a 1976 Centenary of the Royal National Rose Society envelope with four brand new issue stamps on it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of these as the stamps are the perfect size & the colours are gorgeous!

What do you think guys? Hopefully they will soon be available for you here.

Flora & Fauna #3

Alright, alright, I know one gratuitous ladybird shot does not exactly constitute ‘fauna’ but that’s as close as I got in my mum’s garden!

Earlier on Fran asked what my favourite blogs are so without further ado here are a few  for your perusal…

If you’ve missed any of these you should definitely go & check them out!


PS> My boyfriend served Terry Pratchett today at work! How cool!!!!!

Flora & Fauna #2

More ‘flora’ shots taken whilst out on the boat. Do ladybirds really constitute ‘fauna’? Hhhhmmmmm.

Flora & fauna inspired art…
I’m hoping to develop some artwork based on my photos & maybe even an embroidery. Follow the links for these Etsy beauties!

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Happy Monday

I decided to reintroduce Happy Monday & use it to reflect on what is making me happy right now…

*The weather. It’s mostly sunny. Living in England you learn to be grateful for these small bright spells!

*Seeing my dad last weekend & meeting my brother for lunch on Tuesday. My family & I don’t see a lot of each other so when we do I really appreciate it.

*My new camera is making me happy. I’m having so much fun with it!

*Very much looking forward to Wednesday as DB & I are renting a houseboat for two nights & taking to the Thames. It should be a lot of fun!

(Mum, do you remember when we went through a phase of having kiwi for breakfast? I may give it another go… something other than toast would be nice for a change!)
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(3: Source unknown)
(7: Me & my bro)

Flora, Fashion & Fish!

On Friday whilst I was out & about I decided to pop in to Oxfam & check out their books section on the off chance that I might find a well-illustrated children’s book. What I walked out with were three beautifully illustrated books… Fashion Illustration, The Fresh & Salt Water Fish of the World & The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

The three books totalled £15 & I’ll be using them for inspiration & to practise my drawing skills. The Edwardian diary is amazing. It is the publication of a lady called Edith Holden from the year 1905! It’s her written, drawn & painted observations of the surrounding nature during that year. Sadly some of the species she describes are rarely seen in England any more.

Whilst out thrifting I also bought myself a maxi skirt for a £5 which I’ll be donning as soon as it stops raining again!

DB & I found out yesterday that we can hire a houseboat next week Wednesday to Friday & we’re very excited! I’ve never been out on one before despite living next to a canal lock for 8 months.As DB texted me ‘It should be an awesome adventure!’

Flora & Fauna

All of these were shot yesterday. I can’t believe how close up the ladybird looks & yet the picture is still crystal clear. I am definitely in love with my new camera. 

I was chatting with the lovely Fran of skullsandponies on Twitter yesterday about Project 365 & I’ve decided to give it a go. I have exactly a month before I start college & then I’m studying Art… so a photograph a day for the next year ties in perfectly with where my life is right now… and this challenge will help me achieve my goal of mainly using my own photographs on my blog 🙂 


What can I say, I fancied a change from pink!

Love the bowl, it would look so pretty by my bedside table, maybe storing all my jewellery & hair bands.
LOVE this illustration.
How gorgeous is this necklace? I love it!
Turquoise doughnuts? Yes please! 
Love this necklace too. The designer is a graphic designer you should check out her shop. (link below).
I really really want this apron!
Couldn’t resist posting this bunny picture!
How awesome are these leg warmers?! Gorgeous.
Loving the seventies vibe of this picture.
This is Stef. She is partly responsible for the previous picture. She & her friend Erin run a mobile vintage shop & blog. It’s my new favourite read!
Work & life in general have been quite busy busy busy these last few days so my beloved laptop has been skulking in a corner! My summer project for my Art course came through, I have all necessary components to start work on the bridal necklace I’ve got to make, Drummer Boy had another gig, we had his daughter, A, over the weekend & now I’m off for a hen-do!
All very hectic but I’ll attempt to touch base & should have some great hen-do photos for you next week!

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