Hand In Hand

I wanted to share this piece of art work with you today. Entitled Hand In Hand it’s a pen & ink drawing by my step-dad, Simon, whose birthday it would have been today.

Wasn’t he talented? He did a lot of pen & ink mainly of dragons and fairies.  I love this drawing in particular as it reminds me of Escher.

He loved fantasy art, nature, and Native American Indians. And us!

Simon, I miss you xxx

100 Ideas no.83 (Keri Smith 100 Ideas)

83. Write about your day in an encyclopedic fashion. (i.e. organize by subject.)

Family: Dad, my brother Grant, his wife Mel and my newborn nephew Byron. He’s beautiful! He’s two days old & I cradled him on my lap for 20 minutes.

Food: Breakfast ~ Philaedelphia on toast, Snacks ~ Salt & Vinegar French Fries, Sainsburys cornflake cakes, Dinner ~ Homepride cheese & bacon pasta bake with chicken. Tea.

Reading: Mollie Makes, Keri Smith ~ particularly this post & the blogs I have in Google Reader.

Shopping: At Sainsburys & the Co-Op.

Travel: From Kettering to Northampton & vice versa.

TV: a James May programme, Death In Paradise & a Simon & Garfunkel documentary (whilst writing this post).

Well, that was my day yesterday! This post was actually quite difficult to write.. firstly you need to list everything you did & then arrange it by subject, an odd way of trying to convey what you did throughout the day. That’s why I’m such a fan of Keri Smith though as her lists and posts, as well her artwork, make you  think differently. She encourages you to think outside the box and her website is a fantastic place to visit if you are suffering from a mental block of pretty much any kind. Check her out!

Happy Birthday Mum!

Today is mums birthday, I’m not seeing her unfotunately, but have sent her a present I’d have happily kept for myself (tee hee) and a beautiful card… & of course her first grandson arrived on Sunday!
Like myself mum is also a keen crafter, her passion being papercrafts, although lately she has also taken up beading and I love that when I go and stay with her we almost always end up being crafty!
I am so like her it can be scary… our temperants are very similar and we look so alike, especially when I wear my glasses 🙂 Of course that means my mummy is beautiful!
The last few years have been difficult for her and I want to use this opportunity to tell her that I love her, I’m proud of her and she means so much to me.
Happy birthday mum, I love you xxx

My beautiful nephew, Byron

This beautiful bundle is my nephew, Byron, with his parents Grant & Melanie.

Blog Update

Just playing about with the new Dynamic Views template as I really like the magazine style.
What do you think? If I keep it then I’ll re-add my lovely blog header from Kathryn, but I can’t do that at the moment as I’m away from home at the moment and am blogging from my dads laptop!
Very excited now as my sister-in-law has gone in to labour, my little nephew is on his way! (Yep that’s my brother & his wife in the pic.)
Anyway I have an evening in now with my dad, a curry & the Beatrix Potter movie so good times ahead!

A Home

Good news!
It looks like in January I’ll be moving into Tom’s house. The lodger there is going so I can actually move in. Having all of my stuff in one place is going to be such a nice feeling. For the first time in over a year I will finally have all of my belongings under one roof and have one place that I can call home. As any of you that have read my blog for a while may know I’ve been living over two houses and generally feeling quite discomforted by it.
Most people take their homes for granted, but believe me, not having one place that is your home, your sanctuary, is a difficult thing.  I really do think that it causes a stress all of it’s own and will be one that come January 2012 I can lay to rest.
It will be so great to have enough cupboard space to actually keep a decent stock of dried goods and spices and to have more than two shelves in the fridge. I will be able to plan meals and we can cut back on takeaways! As much as the odd Indian or Dominos is nice the urge to cook for the people I love is stronger.
And it will be great not having to disappear off into the middle of the night every time A comes to stay. I’ll be able to get up and have breakfast in the morning  with her.
It’s those little things that make a home and I’m excited about moving in to mine!


Do you ever look out of the window & wonder when you last connected with nature? 

Do you think about your family more than you actually see them?

Can you remember the last time you spent quality time with your friends?

Can you remember the last time you created something?

Can you remember the last time you felt connected?

I can’t.

I’m working on it.

I feel quite frustrated right now & completely disconnected from all of the things I feel are important. All of the things I hold dear I feel oddly unattached to… I feel almost as if I’m treading water, or as if an imposter has taken over my life & I’m watching it feeling completely disembodied.

I’m working on it. 

Small steps.

I spoke to my mum this morning on the phone, I miss her, she lives quite far away. I am so like her it’s almost insane & she is my rock.

I’ll be spending time with my brother, his wife & my baby nephew (when he’s ready to come out!) soon & my dad too which I’m really looking forward to.

Small steps.

Now I’m going to go outside, catch some sunlight & look for autumnal treats to add to my little nature garden that I’ve been slowly building myself.

Like I said, I’m working on it.

Happy Monday ~ 10 Things

Since today is the tenth as well as a Monday I figured I’d do a double whammy of 10 Things that make me happy! First… tea. I honestly cannot function without it. Minus my cuppa in the morning I am not even human. I am a Wild Thing!
Secondly… scarves. I actually wear them all year round. Yep… even in the summer. But in winter I get to pull out the big, chunky, woollen ones… love ’em!
Believe it or not, cooking makes me happy. Sometimes I find it relaxing, but mostly I find it satisfying.
Documentaries. Me & Tom watch them a lot. I especially like ones about nature, sea life & Dinosaurs!
Oh Comely magazine. It’s similar to the Aussie magazine Frankie but it’s British. The artwork they feature is always absolutely stunning 🙂
 Family! Top photograph is my brother, my mum & me at my brothers wedding reception three years ago. Second photograph is dad & me when I am but a wee toddler!
Lemon desserts. My absolute favourite! I’ve heard a rumour at work that we will have lemon cheesecake on the new menu… excited!
Reading. I read a lot. I like to be transported to different worlds, stories, lives…
My Tom. Yep, he makes me pretty darned happy!
Pink. Something about this colour just makes me HAPPY!!!!
So ten things that are guaranteed to make me happy. To link in to 10 Things, pop over to Shimelle‘s blog!
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Happy Monday

*Today I’m grateful for supportive friends & family, having a great time over Drummer Boy’s birthday, X Factor, amazing food**, watching Super8 (it’s fanatastic!) and meeting Bump (my soon-to-be nephew!).
*And I’m very excited about my best friends wedding this coming weekend in Cornwall! Eeeeep!

**Edit: It was my other half’s birthday & we went to the Magdalen Arms, Iffley Road, Oxford for dinner & had lamb with dauphinoise potatoes which was heavenly!

Happy Monday

Today I’m grateful for… 
*discovering new yoghurts ~ particularly Onken cherry Biopot & Activia probiotic lemon. Yum!
*cuddles with Drummer Boy this morning
*finding my house keys (they were lost for two days!)
*my friends for making being at work easier 🙂

1. Me & dad way back when
2,3 & 4 all pictures sat on my laptop for infinity! (sources unknown)