Bread 101

Bread. Apparently we’ve been eating it for at least 30,000 years.
We eat it all over the world,from a traditional white sliced loaf to a tortilla, from a chapatti to a rye loaf, from flatbread to sourdough.
Here in the West it is certainly our staple diet! Celebrities endorse it… & there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy self-promotion…

Bread is so integral to our society in ways I haven’t really considered before. If you are the key earner in your household then you are the ‘breadwinner’. If something you see is absolutely-oh-my-god-amazing it is quite simply the best thing since sliced bread. If you can’t go out ’cause you got no dough’ you haven’t got any money!

For breakfast we have cereal or toast. For lunch maybe a nice sandwich.. or how about a baguette or panini? And when you go out for dinner in the evening, oh my, isn’t that a bread roll just by your elbow?

Here it’s cheap. Students are jokingly known to survive purely on beans on toast. It’s also incredibly versatile!

I am going on a bread journey. I shall start with the humble English loaf*. Feel free to come along for the ride 😉

*Read as: pre-packaged sliced loaf!

It’s official…

… I’m a student! (Or I will be once I actually enrol in September.) I’ve been offered a place on the Access into Art & Design course @ Oxford Cherwell college in Oxford. It’s full time & means that I will be stepping down at work from Restaurant Manager to go back to waitressing as my shifts will be more flexible. I’m soooo excited!