Chill Out Time…

So I had a day off today (no, not because of the snow, just because it was my day off!) so I’ve had a massive chill out day. I slept in til midday then Mr J made me a cuppa & boiled my eggs so that I could make myself egg mayo & cheese sandwiches for brunch (my favourite!) then I showered & went thrifting & food shopping. Score!!!

One jumper, long, v-neck, with grey stripes, very cute, one emerald green vest top & a cute pink laced cardigan all for less than £10! I also picked up a small photo album that I’m going to have an attempt at recovering. I promise pictures eventually!!!

Shopping slog over it was time for a very serious amount of tv…

This has to be one of my all time favourite tv shows! I love Jessica!

Then I watched Pan’s Labyrinth. I’ve never seen it before it was a darker than I thought, but what a beautiful movie. I cried. 
Something’s Gotta Give… what can I say? It’s funny. And I love Diane Keaton!
Chill out pictures all sourced from
Off to bed for me now… Mr J will be home soon xoxox