More pendants…

I’m kind of addicted to making these at the moment! I wanted to try something different with them this time though so initially I had a go at drawing something myself… the cat! simply hand drawn & coloured in with pencils & then I glued the plastic insert in to place. However I then got the urge to play with felt.. so I did! Layered felt with hand stitching & no inserts. Finally I thought it would be fun to glue in some multi-coloured wool that I have.. I quite like the effects, what do you think?

When I finish my Autumn wreath I’ll share a photo DIY of it with you although it probably won’t be ready until next week now… if only I didn’t have to go to work, ha ha!

Just thought I’d share this link with you… a gorgeous feather garland DIY. May have a go myself at some point!

PS. Don’t forget my other pendants are available to buy here.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham

I LIKE Victoria Beckham’s new collection.


I’ve said it.

Particularly this cat dress. There’s also a  very cute one with moons on.
I honestly will never own this dress, as after all, it’s retailing for a few hundred quid!

But I’ll be keeping an eye out for copycats… (geddit?! ha ha ha!)

What do you guys think?