My A-Z

Recently I was tagged by the lovely Lakota of Faith, Hope & Charity Shopping with a Versatile Blogger award…. thank you! Lakota did an A-Z of herself here so here goes my version…

A: Age ~ I’m thirty three which always surprises people & I get ID’d a lot! Good genes! 
B: Bed ~ is my favourite place! I love to sleep 🙂
C: Chore that you hate ~ ironing. 
D: Dogs ~ I grew up with Border Collies who are beautiful dogs. I don’t have one now though.
E: Essential start to your day ~ tea. A big mug. With sugar. Please.
F: Favourite colour ~ pink! Although I never seem to wear pink.
G: Gold or silver ~ silver. As I typed that I realised I’m wearing two gold rings, but generally, silver!
H: Height ~ 5″5 I think.
I: Instruments you play ~ none! I tried violin & was absolutely terrible at it! My brother is the musician.
J: Job title ~ waitress.
K: Kids ~ I don’t have any, but my OH Drummer Boy, has a beautiful 12 year old, Alia.
L: Live ~ Oxford. I’ve been here 8 or 9 years now & I’m pretty settled! (See My Oxford)
M: Mother’s name ~ Jay, you can meet her here!
N: Nickname ~ Carrots! 
O: Overnight hospital stays ~ None as an adult.
P: Pet peeves ~ rude, obnoxious people. Waiting for the bus. People that dawdle.

Q: Quote from a film ~  “Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.” Napoleon Dynamite. Love that movie!
R: Right or left handed? ~ Right.
S: Siblings ~ My younger brother Grant.
T: Time you wake up ~ approx nine hours after I went to bed! Unless my alarm goes off first.
U: Underwear ~ yes please! Extra undies in winter. Particularly loving socks & legwarmers right now.
V: Vegetable you hate ~ Celery. And peas. Especially mushy peas. Absolutely disgusting!
W: What makes you run late ~ ha ha! Blogs! Time flies when you’re not supposed to be reading them but you are 😉
X: X-rays you’ve had ~ um, on my left wrist. Lakota cheated here & changed hers to X-Factor, yes or no… YES!!!!! I am am X Factor addict.
Y: Yummy food that you make ~ Hhhhmmmm. I think that if I asked Drummer Boy he’d say my homemade chips!
Z: Zoo animal ~ I actually can’t remember the last time I went to the zoo. My favourite at the Aquarium were the sea turtles though!

Well I know my blogging has been erratic of late, I’ve been working a lot & generally feeling a bit under the weather but I’m sure i’ll be back on top of my game soon!

I’m going to tag a few people with the Versatile Blogger award so be sure to pop over to their blogs if you’re feeling nosey…

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Have a great weekend all!