My Oxford

Happy Monday all! Don’t know if you’ve spotted this yet but I recently added a ‘My Oxford’ page to my blog. Oxford is a tiny, beautiful city & a huge draw due to it’s history, architecture & the university. (Oxford Brookes is here too but that’s not why the tourists come!

The famous Oxford skyline… covered market in the foreground, university buildings & The Radcliffe Camera in the background.

Did you know that Tolkein wrote The Lord of the Rings here? C.S. Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia & of course, Lewis Carroll created Alice In Wonderland.

I actually met Elijah Wood once, in a pub called The Wheatsheaf, whilst he was here filming The Oxford Murders. He was very sweet & polite & small with HUGE eyes! He even signed an autograph for me to give to my step-dad, Simon.
Since I am luckily living in this beautiful city I thought I’d share various places of mine with you in case you ever decide to visit! So on My Oxford page you’ll find my favourite shops, eateries, hang-outs & places to visit. If you do drop by one day or have a favourite place you’ve been to here then leave me a comment & let me know what you thought!

Have a great week xox

A Tuesday Ramble…

Last night I made some earrings similar to these except with golden tone wire & findings.. I made a pair with Snowflake Obsidian, a pair in Aventurine & some in Haematite. I’ll be doing a photoshoot asap. The pair above are some Tigers Eye earrings that I made a couple of years ago.

I also finished watching The Devil’s Whore last night starring the very beautiful Andrea Riseborough & the brilliant John Simm, a favourite actor of mine ever since The Lakes on BBC about ten years ago! TDW is set back in the day of King Charles & Oliver Cromwell & tells the true (& very sad) story of Lady Angelica Fanshawe… married 3 times & each one died. It’s very well acted & definitely worth a watch! It’s available on channel 4 on demand if anyone fancies it.

I was blown away by these this morning, found over at Find, Make, Do they are both made from carrier bags… I think the coral-type one is beautiful. Pop over to have a look at more carrier-bag installations. 

I also fell in love with this today whilst over at Inside A Black Apple. Emily has done a series of 12 paintings all inspired by Alice In Wonderland… marvellous!

Here is Week 4 of 8 Weeks To A Better Me… all about learning to love yourself, something that most people do struggle with. I’m going to count myself very lucky here & say that actually my self-image is pretty good. I was blessed with a very strong-willed & opinionated mother who taught me & my brother to believe in ourselves, to be self-reliant & to not care what other people think. It is harder not to care what others think as you get older (or so I’ve found) but on the whole she gave me a pretty good grounding & I’m generally pretty nice to myself! Thanks mum x