Kreativ Blogger Award

So I popped over to Kathryn’s for a little read on Thursday & discovered that she had nominated me with a Kreativ Blogger Award… why thank you!

The rules are:
1) Link back to the person who passed you the award
2) Complete the form below
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Award 10 Blogs and drop them a line about it

*Name your favourite song: erm, I don’t really have one, although when I’m doing karaoke I like to do Black Velvet by Alanna Myles.
*Name your favourite dessert: Limoncello cheesecake. Divine!
*What pisses you off: packed buses. (story of my life!)
*When you’re upset you…. cry. And swear. 
*Your favourite pet: I’m not really a pet type of person if I’m totally honest 🙂
*Black or white? Black if its clothing… or anything that I might get dirty!
*Your biggest fear: Not living my life true to myself.
*Best feature: My smile. Apparently!
*Everyday attitude: right now? Tired!
*What is perfection? A bath with a glass of wine, a good book & a chocolate trifle!
*Guilty pleasure: Murder mysteries!

7 Random facts about myself:
1. My tear ducts don’t work properly. When I cry tears don’t come out, instead my face goes all red, puffy & blotchy and I look hideous. Truly!
2. I have webbed toes. (save the interbreeding/good swimmer jokes, heard ’em all before!)
3. I am fluent in Spanglish. It is totally a real language.
4. I have never learnt to drive.
5. I am an avid sea/ocean life documentary watcher.
6. I am a total bookworm.
7. I like eating Crunchy Nut cornflakes with cream. Don’t judge me! It’s like a dessert… honest.

I nominate…

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Skulls and Ponies
Nic’s Notebook
Kat Got The Cream
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Georgia’s Blog
By The Power of Grayskull
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I look forward to being uber-nosy & reading your posts!

Have a great weekend guys xoxox