Christmas Past…

A few of my previous christmases for you to giggle over… pic#1 is me & my dad last year. He came down & stayed with us for a couple of days…
pic#2 is me with Mr J’s family, his mum & grandparents. We’re having christmas with them again this year at his brother’s house, i’m very much looking forward to it…
pic#3 is me at about 15 with my brother & my dad & pic#4 is my first ever christmas!!! In case you’re wondering my mum is camera shy 😉
Are you all set for Chrismas? Who are you spending it with??

Emergency Winter Survival Pack

What would you have in your Winter Survival Pack??? My mum has been snowed in for 36 hours plus now & had no electricity for almost the full 36 hrs… it’s back on now thank goodness. Unfortunately her entire village is electric only so she couldn’t go anywhere to get warm & she couldn’t cook. She has survived on tuna rolls & cheese on crackers!

Luckily she has plenty of magazines & books to read & two puppies to keep her entertained & warm. She had a torch & plenty of candles luckily and blankets so she did manage. The electricity was on for an hour and a half yesterday morning so she managed a cup of tea but I think I’ll be getting her a Thermos in case it happens again. And a battery run radio, plenty to keep entertained, paint, wool, puzzles etc. and plenty of tinned fruit. I’m glad the electricity is back on I was very very worried, but she is ok 🙂

Click on pictures above for the source (all from Flickr).

Xmas Shopping!

I managed to fit in a quick hours worth of xmas shopping yesterday before starting work… 3 balls of purple wool ready to make a pom pom mobile for one of my best friends… Liquid chocolate with hints of chilli & orange for another friend… a discounted price brand new Cargo photo frame from a charity store for another friend… posh shortbread biscuits (i’ll be making them next time around), a rescued photo frame with family photos in… I actually enjoyed myself! How’s your xmas shopping going???

PS. I have been working on one pom pom for 4 hours now. 4 hours!!!! Do you think I made the central hole too big?!!

Flickr stroll…

All images found on Flickr… hope you’re all ahving a great weekend, mine is fairly exhausting so far, back to work & all the excitement that is The X Factor final… I’m not getting much of anything done!

I’m loving these orange shoes owned by the lucky bitsandbobbins the brightest shoes that I have are green. With frogs on 🙂
Isn’t the mannequin in the bird cage completely random? I like bird cages, I might have to get a pretty one one day (minus the bird!). Mannequins are slightly eerie although I do own a polystyrene mannequin head called Esmerelda. She wears my necklaces. And I’m loving the antlers on the table next to the bird cage. I want some! Found the pic here.
I couldn’t resist the pic of the lovely Elsie’s workspace… I’m just a little jealous x
I instantly fell in love with baby doll in the dandelions… I have a doll like this, Daisy. She is gorgeous! Found pic here.
And last but not least I discovered this unusual art installment by Daniel Buren here. I just love the colours… it would be awesome to see it for real…
Catch up soon *bye*

Vintage Wonders…

I had a lovely birthday… for part of my birthday week Mr J & I went up to Norfolk to visit my mum who had some amazing presents lined up for me… a huge bag of curtain fabric offcuts (for collaging), a stunning Fairy book (photos to follow), a book about embroidery on paper, some beads… & the other pressies are under the Christmas tree! Whilst up there we also picked up a crockery set that I bought back in the summer for £5. Cups, saucers, plates, bowls… a lovely retro 1970’s pattern, they’re adorable.
I’ve been trawling etsy for pretty vintage finds…
The lovely teapot is by EnglishPreserves, the stunning swan dish is from Sweet Old Stuff the pretty cake stand & cute sundae glass are available from A Good Vintage. I picked up a gorgeous (vintage looking) owl money box the other day, but I’m not sure how old it is . He’s about 6″ tall! I should get a lot of change into him & he was only £1.75 🙂
I’m off to get ready for lunch with a friend, hope you’re all having a lovely week, catch up soon…


It’s my birthday today (32) so happy birthday to me!!! I’m meeting a friend in an hour or so & then out for dinner with Mr J tonight.. I’m very excited! Anyway here are a few birthday wishes… cake! … a polaroid camera…. a Blythe doll (maybe one day x)… a book by one of my favourite authors… a gorgeous wreath from KnockKnocking

Which Classic to read first?

Have you read any of these? i’ve randomly picked these five from the Penguin 100 classics list as the five ‘classic’s I’m going to read before I’m 33, but which to start with? I’ve not read anything by any of these authors…..
Any comments on these books, whether you liked or disliked them, whether you couldn’t put one down or whether you found one completely unreadable… & you can join in the poll on the right for a little bit of fun… which one should I read first??!