Happy Easter!

All images from CRAFT which is an absolutely brilliant site with tutorials on everything! If you want to get your little ones involved in Easter crafting this is a good a place as any to start…

All from weheartit… I’m in love with Wall-E!!!! I’m afraid Easter has kind of been sidelined for me this year, work has been so busy, it’s the school holidays, extra bank holidays because of the Royal Wedding & May Day… basically it’s kind of surprised me that Easter is today! Need to get Drummer Boy an Easter Egg on my way into work this afternoon otherwise I’ll never be forgiven! Happy Easter xox


When i finished my Lego Man shoot yesterday I took the camera out into the garden & took these with the macro function. I’m pretty happy with them! Then me & my housemate Faye headed up to Cutteslowe Park to enjoy the sun…

I’m finding it a little odd to be wandering around England in a maxi dress in April! Fingers crossed we still get a good summer…

I do love this dress! Erm… I think I need a willing photographer, attempting to take a picture of yourself in a full length mirror is never going to work out well!

I’ve had a lovely couple of days off in the sun but unfortunately for me I’m back at work from 4pm today… hope you all have a great weekend xox


I was playing around with the macro option on my camera earlier & decided to use Drummer Boy’s lego collection for a mini-photoshoot! The last fella I found abandoned at the restaurant I work in.. we’ve dubbed him Wifebeater Lego Man because of the blood on his shirt & the bruise on his face 🙂

Pink Friday

All pinkness found at weheartit. I think these Hello Kitty Vans are absolutely adorable… apparently we’ll be able to get our mitts on them come June from Vans online. My hand/wrist hasn’t gone back to normal yet, so no more typing from me, I’m going to come & read your blog instead 😉

PS. 5 inch and up is my new guilty pleasure… I absolutely love her style & some of the jewellery she features is insanely different…

See previous Pink post here x

Wedding Fever

We’ve had no internet for almost three weeks & then when we finally got it up & running I sprained my right wrist (I’m right handed) hence my recent blog silence 😦

But now that I’m back I’m going to share my recent wedding fever with you! First of all are the upcoming Royal nupitals (I’ve booked the day off work & will be at home watching!) & then my best friend gets married in September… & she has asked me to make the necklace for her wedding day! Mega challenge 🙂

I watched this wedding when I was three. It’s actually one of my earliest memories! I remember watching Andrew & Fergie’s too. I’m really pretty excited about William & Kate’s wedding… unlike whoever made this funky mug! (All images found on weheartit)

Adore the car & these necklaces are gorgeous. I think the first one is more me but the second one is so delicate it’s beautiful xox