Five Images

All of these shots were taken out and about in Oxford. The monster graffiti is near my bus stop & makes me smile each time I see it.

Hugs, Caz x

A Collection

I’m trying to get in to the habit of using my camera more. These shots are of the nature collection I have by the bed in my room. Shells, crystals and a conker… the one in Tom’s room has fir cones and feathers.

I have previously mentioned that I want to use more of my own photographs on my blog and I am thinking of making it a goal for the New Year. Have you started thinking of New Year goals yet? I’ve already come up with a few, I’ll be posting about them in December.

Using other peoples photographs on your blog is always a grey area. I think that most people are OK with it as long as you link back to them which is something I always try to do. However there are some out there who request that you ask permission first and others who do not want you to reproduce their work, both of these positions are fair enough! People often use photographs and don’t credit them at all which is  thoughtless. Since the subject of using photos has become a bit of a minefield & because I want to push myself artistically I have therefore reached the conclusion that using more and more of my own photographs is important to me and my integrity. 

How about you? Has blogging made you a better photographer?

Hugs, Caz x

Five Images

All recent shots of mine.

Black & White

Five Images

Today’s Five Images were all take by moi down in Newquay. The surfboards were all lined up outside a shop. I did see a few surfers braving it over the weekend but according to one of the locals it was much windier than normal down there & one surfing event got cancelled!
The ‘a’ is part of the Mambo sign outside their shop. I love the way they’ve assembled all different pieces of wood, it’s like a collection. 
The brightly painted beach huts caught my eye on Tolcarne beach which is apparently lovely in the summer.
When I wandered down to the harbour I found myself sharing a wall with the gulls… so I took a snap!
Had to get a shot of the shark & his fish companion! Believe it or not there’s actually a house here in Oxford that has half a shark poking out of the roof. Bizarre!

Flora & Fauna

All of these were shot yesterday. I can’t believe how close up the ladybird looks & yet the picture is still crystal clear. I am definitely in love with my new camera. 

I was chatting with the lovely Fran of skullsandponies on Twitter yesterday about Project 365 & I’ve decided to give it a go. I have exactly a month before I start college & then I’m studying Art… so a photograph a day for the next year ties in perfectly with where my life is right now… and this challenge will help me achieve my goal of mainly using my own photographs on my blog 🙂 

The Pink Post

All of the photographs in today’s pink post were taken by me. Yep, I’ve been fiddling around with the macro setting on DB’s camera & am having a go at shooting my own pics as promised here. The more I practise the better I’ll get.. although I’m particularly proud of the fuchsia shot xox