Aren’t these onesies absolutely adorable?! I bought them for my due-very-soon nephew from Jennifer Noel Designs on Etsy. They arrived on Saturday, which considering I ordered them on October 14th & Jennifer is based in the States, is pretty quick!
I’m also working on a dinosaur applique onesie for him myself too.. I lost the needle I  needed but picked up a new one today so will get some more done on that this afternoon.
I’m not entirely sure quite why I’m so into dinosaurs… maybe because as a kid they always seemed really mysterious? Now my interest in them has resurfaced with programmes like Planet Dinosaur where they use CGI to do a ‘dinosaur documentary’… it’s pretty cool!

Anyways, I have a dinosaur to applique, hope you all had a great weekend,

hugs, Caz xox


I’m kind of using my blog as a form of introspection at the moment. I feel I’ve lost who I am.  I’m no longer enjoying where I work and I’m finding it hard to create. I even keep burning the dinner!

Keri Smith and Laura Mazurek’s blogs are inspiring me and allowing me to think in different ways.. I am sneaking in the odd new type of post such as this and trying the making lists idea from this. I feel that my blog is akin to an online diary/notebook and so far I’ve mainly used it as an online record of things or people I find inspirational but it’s now time to use it as a sounding board, as a way to explore my mind. A place to set myself little challenges, to remind me of ways I am wanting to grow.

I hope you have no objections to joining me on my journey, maybe you might find some inspiration on the way too?

Things I liked to do when I was a kid…

Draw matchstick pictures.
Play hopscotch.
Make paper dolls (with my Fashion Wheel!)
Play with marbles.
Dress up like a princess.
Make daisy chains.
Learn about dinosaurs.
Play with my brothers cars. (I made them go to school.)
Play dress up with Sindy & Barbie.
Learn the names of all the flowers and birds.
Go on long nature walks with my mum.
Go the park with my dad & my brother.
Colour things in. 
Write stories.

I still do a few of things.. reading, drawing matchstick pictures, colour things in & learning about dinosaurs.. (I’m an avid dinosaur documentary fan!) Maybe I should give some of the others ago too…

What about you, do you still do your favourite childhood things?

Kreativ Blogger Award

So I popped over to Kathryn’s for a little read on Thursday & discovered that she had nominated me with a Kreativ Blogger Award… why thank you!

The rules are:
1) Link back to the person who passed you the award
2) Complete the form below
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Award 10 Blogs and drop them a line about it

*Name your favourite song: erm, I don’t really have one, although when I’m doing karaoke I like to do Black Velvet by Alanna Myles.
*Name your favourite dessert: Limoncello cheesecake. Divine!
*What pisses you off: packed buses. (story of my life!)
*When you’re upset you…. cry. And swear. 
*Your favourite pet: I’m not really a pet type of person if I’m totally honest 🙂
*Black or white? Black if its clothing… or anything that I might get dirty!
*Your biggest fear: Not living my life true to myself.
*Best feature: My smile. Apparently!
*Everyday attitude: right now? Tired!
*What is perfection? A bath with a glass of wine, a good book & a chocolate trifle!
*Guilty pleasure: Murder mysteries!

7 Random facts about myself:
1. My tear ducts don’t work properly. When I cry tears don’t come out, instead my face goes all red, puffy & blotchy and I look hideous. Truly!
2. I have webbed toes. (save the interbreeding/good swimmer jokes, heard ’em all before!)
3. I am fluent in Spanglish. It is totally a real language.
4. I have never learnt to drive.
5. I am an avid sea/ocean life documentary watcher.
6. I am a total bookworm.
7. I like eating Crunchy Nut cornflakes with cream. Don’t judge me! It’s like a dessert… honest.

I nominate…

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By The Power of Grayskull
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I look forward to being uber-nosy & reading your posts!

Have a great weekend guys xoxox

Foodie Friday

Garlic, love it (as I do) or loathe it, it’s one of the best things to eat through Autumn/Winter due to it’s medicinal qualities. It is commonly used to fight coughs and colds and I absolutely swear by it to keep cold and flu at bay! If you don’t like the taste you can actually buy garlic capsules but I am quite happy chucking in to virtually anything I cook, ha ha! And of course, as I’m sure a few of my readers know, I’m a huge fan of Boursin (garlic & herb cheese) which I liberally spread on toast, crackers & baguettes, yummy!!!

It is alleged that garlic can help prevent fungal infections, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and treat scurvy due to it’s high vitamin C levels. So if you want to stay healthy this season.. get some garlic into your diet!

WARNING: Eating garlic may severely impair your ability to pull a fit vampire (ie Edward Cullen/Damon Salvatore). Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

More pendants…

I’m kind of addicted to making these at the moment! I wanted to try something different with them this time though so initially I had a go at drawing something myself… the cat! simply hand drawn & coloured in with pencils & then I glued the plastic insert in to place. However I then got the urge to play with felt.. so I did! Layered felt with hand stitching & no inserts. Finally I thought it would be fun to glue in some multi-coloured wool that I have.. I quite like the effects, what do you think?

When I finish my Autumn wreath I’ll share a photo DIY of it with you although it probably won’t be ready until next week now… if only I didn’t have to go to work, ha ha!

Just thought I’d share this link with you… a gorgeous feather garland DIY. May have a go myself at some point!

PS. Don’t forget my other pendants are available to buy here.

Staying Creative

EDIT: Today I tried a couple of things on the list… having fun & finishing something! I made 8 new necklaces and an autumnal wreath. I don’t think that the wreath is quite finished but I’m pretty happy with it. 
The necklaces were a bit of an experiment but for now I’m waiting for them to dry & I’ll see what I think in the morning. However they are finished & the wreath was fun… it’s good to think outside the box every so often.

Now I’m chilling out with the Salvatore brothers.. (yep, I’m watching The Vampire Diaries & loving every second!)

Paper Dolls

When I was a child I had a Fashion Wheel. I loved it… hours & hours of creativity. I made no end of paper dolls, named them, gave them characters & sent them to school. I did the same with photographs from magazines too!

Looks like paper dolls are all the rage on Etsy now too!

I think I may have a go at making some paper dolls of my own… let the little girl inside me come back out to play!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Do you ever look out of the window & wonder when you last connected with nature? 

Do you think about your family more than you actually see them?

Can you remember the last time you spent quality time with your friends?

Can you remember the last time you created something?

Can you remember the last time you felt connected?

I can’t.

I’m working on it.

I feel quite frustrated right now & completely disconnected from all of the things I feel are important. All of the things I hold dear I feel oddly unattached to… I feel almost as if I’m treading water, or as if an imposter has taken over my life & I’m watching it feeling completely disembodied.

I’m working on it. 

Small steps.

I spoke to my mum this morning on the phone, I miss her, she lives quite far away. I am so like her it’s almost insane & she is my rock.

I’ll be spending time with my brother, his wife & my baby nephew (when he’s ready to come out!) soon & my dad too which I’m really looking forward to.

Small steps.

Now I’m going to go outside, catch some sunlight & look for autumnal treats to add to my little nature garden that I’ve been slowly building myself.

Like I said, I’m working on it.

Guest Post…

(pic by Bill Mudron)

The lovely Fran of Skulls and Ponies asked me to write a guest post about balancing life & crafting which is basically a bit of a juggling act. If you’d like to know how I attempt to do it pop on over & have a read 😉