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Hand In Hand

I wanted to share this piece of art work with you today. Entitled Hand In Hand it’s a pen & ink drawing by my step-dad, Simon, whose birthday it would have been today.

Wasn’t he talented? He did a lot of pen & ink mainly of dragons and fairies.  I love this drawing in particular as it reminds me of Escher.

He loved fantasy art, nature, and Native American Indians. And us!

Simon, I miss you xxx

Quality Street

This beautiful little Quality Street tin houses my button stash. I wish I had some more of these tins, they’re so perfect for storage & are incredibly hardy.

They make me think of cake and Sundays from my childhood as well as being synonymous with Christmas… do they bring back memories for you? Do you use them as storage too? My mum used to bake most weekends and at Sunday teatime out would come the Quality Street or Roses tin with a delicious sponge cake inside… Mmmmm!

I’ve seen all the chocolate boxes appearing in shops for Christmas already it’s just a shame they no longer come in these beautiful tins!

Hugs, Caz x

Five Images

All of these shots were taken out and about in Oxford. The monster graffiti is near my bus stop & makes me smile each time I see it.

Hugs, Caz x

Sunday Shopping

Isn’t this fella absolutely awesome?!
He was on the Etsy front page and obviously caught my attention! He is hand drawn by James Ward and you can buy him from James’ shop Jimbobart which is full of absolutely awesome goodies including plates, mugs, teapots, cake stands and illustrations. best of all he is based here in the UK, in London.

Go and check out his incredible animals in underpants!

hugs, Caz x

Know Your Coffees

This gorgeous print is by Kate Moore and is available here. I don’t know about you but I’m an Espresso girl myself.

Hugs, Caz x

The Money Saving List

1. Try cleaning with Bicarbonate of Soda, lemons and good old vinegar. They’re all free of unnecessary chemicals and are items you’re likely to already have in your house.

2. If you shop somewhere regularly and they offer a loyalty/rewards card then it’s worth getting it. You usually incur points for every pound you spend and you’ll get money off vouchers and loyalty offers.

3. Join your local library. Who can say no to free books, CDs and DVDs? A lot of libraries are struggling to stay open so you’ll be doing yourself and your community a favour by using one.

4. Buy secondhand. You really can get good quality clothing and homeware through charity shops and Ebay. If you’re worried about buying second hand clothing make sure you check the quality carefully. Check the seams and for any stains that may not come out. 

5. If you do have a carrier bag stash then make sure you reuse them. take them with you when you go shopping. Many shops charge you for carrier bags now.

6. Bulk up meals with rice, lentils and pasta. These are cheap staple items that go along way.

7. If you have a garden or patio try collecting rain water to use to water your plants with. And try growing your own herbs and salad leaves!

8. If you’re a proud mum to a wee one try using cloth nappies instead of disposable ones.

9. Join Freecycle. It’s a great way to get furniture, white goods and stuff for children for free.

10. Check out sites such as Groupon for 2 for 1 deals at your favourite local restaurants.

I hope that some of these are helpful to you… I’ll do another ten at some point so keep your eyes open!

Hugs, Caz x