We Need To Talk About Kevin

I don’t know if you’ve read this book. I have. It is brutal and harrowing and heartfelt and unusual.

Obviously I was sceptical about seeing the movie as films of your favourite books end up being a disappointment as a rule. However with an endorsement from the author herself, Lionel Shriver, “A stunning adaptation…” how could I not go and see it?!

The film is incredible. Charlie & I had read the book, Itsa & Matteo hadn’t and we all thought that it was a well-made film. The acting is beautiful, Tilda Swinton, John Reilly and Ezra Miller absolutely nailed it. It’s very cleverly done & as it neared it’s climax my heart was in my mouth. 

It will leave you slightly sad but eager to discuss it. Go watch it, it’s worth it!

On a lighter note we saw the trailer for this…

…which I’m definitely planning to go and watch in December!

Hugs Caz x