A Collection

I’m trying to get in to the habit of using my camera more. These shots are of the nature collection I have by the bed in my room. Shells, crystals and a conker… the one in Tom’s room has fir cones and feathers.

I have previously mentioned that I want to use more of my own photographs on my blog and I am thinking of making it a goal for the New Year. Have you started thinking of New Year goals yet? I’ve already come up with a few, I’ll be posting about them in December.

Using other peoples photographs on your blog is always a grey area. I think that most people are OK with it as long as you link back to them which is something I always try to do. However there are some out there who request that you ask permission first and others who do not want you to reproduce their work, both of these positions are fair enough! People often use photographs and don’t credit them at all which is  thoughtless. Since the subject of using photos has become a bit of a minefield & because I want to push myself artistically I have therefore reached the conclusion that using more and more of my own photographs is important to me and my integrity. 

How about you? Has blogging made you a better photographer?

Hugs, Caz x


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This post by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet is a great post about blogging & how not to fall in to the trap of comparing your blog to others to see who’s is best… a must read for novice bloggers who are still counting visitors. Elsie  touches on similar points too on her Blog Love e-course (of which I am proud to be a student!) encouraging you to blog about what you want to blog about, rather than what you think people want to read about.

My blog has been kinda wibbly wobbly over the years starting back here in December 2009 but now I feel it is slowly becoming more ‘me’ which I’m happy about. If you aren’t trying to emulate somebody else & are literally being true to yourself then, well, it makes it all so much easier! For the last 18 months I’d been trying so hard to be a certain person… a manager in a well-known, freakishly busy restaurant, who didn’t really have time to be creative & I pretty much almost kept those two sides of myself apart. Now that I’m back to waitressing I’m also back to creating & sharing my work with my friends without feeling silly or like I’m going to be judged. It’s a relief… it’s a feeling of freedom. 
I think that what I’m trying to say is that now I can feel that shift in attitude filtering in to my blog. I hope so anyway.. if I’m more true to myself on here & the real me filters through then I’ll have an honest slice of blogland to look back at one day & be proud of x

8 Weeks To A Better Me… Week 1

Hi there… since I only joined the lovely Dani’s ‘8 Weeks To A Better Me’ in week 5 I thought I’d have a look back at the previous weeks. Week one is about blogging inspiration, what you want to blog about and setting yourself three ‘Blog goals’. Having recently signed up for Elsie’s Blog Love e-course where I want to go with my blog & what I want to post on it are things I’ve been thinking about alot recently.

My three blogging goals are…

1. Post up something I’ve created at least once a week… ideally building up gradually so that most of my posts include something creative.

2. Recipe How-To posts… I love cooking & quite often ad-lib my way & cook up some gems! I think it’ll be really fun to photograph the stages along the way… I’d quite like to create a ‘cookbook’ eventually 🙂

3. Keep up my weekly posts, even with my work timetable & I can be more organised & have them planned out in advance!

Thank you Elsie & Dani as your both a fantastic source of inspiration & both seem to be so seem & friendly! I love reading other peoples blogs & find them inspirational in themselves. I love how your blog works as an online journal for you to look back on & as a scrapbook of inspirational photos… it’s something that I really enjoy.

Now I’m off to play with Drummer Boy’s new camera so finally… those earring pics will be coming your way!

Best of British… Blogs

Todays post is my 50th!!! Woop woop! So I decided I’d do a Best of British to mark the occasion.. introducing you to my favourite British bloggers.

First up is Kate the artist behind pics 1-3.. she has 3 seperate blogs my personal favourite being Little Doodles as it combines her illustration, random thoughts & a little bit of fashion. 

Another fave is Hazel who uses her blog to introduce various artists from around the world. You never know who you will come across & I usually fall in love with the work she chooses to post! 

 Pics 4&5 are both pieces by Alex who dwells in lovely Worcestershire & makes ceramics & all sorts of beautiful things & shares the area around her home & her thrifting escapades with us! 

Another favourite is the incredibly talented Cathy Cullis (pics 6&7) whose blog is inspirational with snippets of her drawings & poetry. Last but not least Lavelle has an absolutely gorgeous blog full of beautiful clothes & whimsical photographs which is almost like an online inspiration board!

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Welcome…. here are some of my favourite things by way of introduction…
1.Frankie Magazine
2.Sesame Mochi (Chinese dessert, scrumptious!)
3.Kat Macleod
4.Yarn bouquets (I am a wool addict & I can’t even knit!)
6.Julie West
7.Butter. Real, salty, butter!
8.Doughnuts (preferably filled with jam or custard)

I love crafting, painting, blogging, cooking, baking, sleeping, Murder She Wrote, Star Wars, Amelie & my boyfriend, Mr J xxxxxx