Pink Monday

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It’s been grey & gloomy & drizzly all day today & now finally at 6.15pm the sun is finally trying to break through! Lovely English weather. Today was my last day off before returning to work tomorrow & that and the weather have left me feeling a little down… so I decided it was time for a pink post!

Here’s a particularly dodgy pic of me taken with my webcam.. I was hoping to show you my newly-purple hair & my new Volcom t-shirt that I got from here but you can’t see it too well so here it is properly…

I love it! We do think the owls eyes are kind of trippy-hypnotic though… anyway i’m going to get some earrings made up tonight & watch a bit of BBC iplayer and hopefully get a bit of an early-ish night! Hope you’ve enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend xox
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Rain, rain, go away….

It’s raining here today so I thought I’d share some rain inspired Etsy finds… this gorgeous raincloud cushion is available here isn’t it so cute?!

You can get your very own personalised raincloud in sterling silver here… so sweet!

I love this gorgeous painting, found here, I love all the bright colours in it… makes me think of a sudden torrential downpour on a sunny day…

This one is so sweet, ‘Meeting To Feed Birds’ found here

Love this t-shirt, found here, & at only $20 it’s a bargain… payday tomorrow, hmmmm….

This necklace is gorgeous… found here

How unbelievably cute are these Love-Me-Notes??! Gorgeous… find them here

And I might have to treat myself to this before I start college in September! Find here

Well I actually have to pop into work today just to sort through my stuff & sort my drawer out as when I go back to work on Tuesday it’s as a waitress.. I am a manager no more! So I’m going to brave the rain & head in so that it’s over & done with…

Hope you have a lovely day! xoxox

Sunday Sweetness

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I’ve actually got a Sunday off! We are off to Swindon today for Mr J’s grandmothers birthday. I’m really looking forward to seeing my would-be sister-in-law as she’s pregnant & I haven’t seen her bump yet 🙂 It was meant to be a BBQ but I don’t think todays weather is too accomodating for that!
Speaking of family, my mum is a co-ordinator for Operation Shoebox please pop over to her blog to see the letter of thanks that she received from the soldiers… I’m so proud of her 🙂
I do love the rain so I decided to go for some cute rain inspired Sunday Sweetness today… I’m in love with the frog umbrella!
I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.. catch up soon… xoxox
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Sunday Sweetness

Some Sunday Sweetness for you all…. 1. Credit unknown (this beauty is in the ‘Inspirations’ file on my laptop)… 2. Painting by Gustav Aimar. I adore this!… 3. ‘Raindrops’ embroidery by moi… 4. I think I found this on weheartit… 5. P.S. I Love You.. another one lurking on my laptop.. no idea who it’s by… 6. The Tea Party by Julie West. I love Julie West!!!… 7. & 8. both gorgeous drawings but again, no idea where I found them! If you can account for any of the unknowns please let me know 🙂