When I Grow Up…

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I realised something this weekend, as I celebrated my best friend getting married, I realised that I am a “grown up”, an adult.

This may not come as much of a revelation to you but it kind of was to me… I’m 33, almost 34 for those of you that didn’t know. I work as a waitress in a restaurant full of early-twenty-somethings, I have a boyfriend who skateboards, my best mate in Oxford is 24, I’m never asleep before 1am, I rent a room in a house, I can’t drive, I have no children… I still felt/thought like someone in their mid-twenties.

Watching Claire & Steve tie the knot & glancing round at old friends there, some married, some not, some with children, some without I realised that at some point, without realising it, I had grown up. I had hit my thirties and actually, I’m doing OK.

I may not be the journalist that I dreamed of being for a glossy magazine, I’m not married, I don’t drive & therefore don’t own a VW beetle and I don’t have my own house but I’m debt free (how many thirty-somethings can say that?!), I’m with a man that I love and I have a great relationship with his daughter, I’m going to college part-time and I’m pursuing my dreams. When I was seventeen I imagined that thirty was when I’d have achieved everything & gotten ‘it’ all. Now that I’m in my early thirties I’m pushing the barrier back… maybe I’ll have my own house by fifty??!

Now that I’ve realised that I have grown up, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve decided to embrace it… I don’t want to look like a student any more, I’ve decided to glam it up a bit! I’m going to get my nails done. I’m returning to brunette (my natural hair colour. Ish.) I will ensure I always have breakfast in the cupboard. I will wear high heels upon occasion. Mostly I will stop waiting for things to happen. I will get up off my adult ladylike derriere & go make them happen myself!