How Green Is Your Crafting?

I’m aiming to try and be greener with mine. Due to cashflow issues I have decided that through November I won’t be buying ANY new crafting supplies. I bought quite a bit over the summer due to the bridal necklace and bridesmaids gifts I made and starting college, however with that and all the other stock I’ve accrued over the last few years I think I’ve got plenty!

I’ve got felt beads waiting to be turned in to necklaces, balls of wool for pom pom making, two huge bin liners full of fabric, findings and beads all over the place & two pencil cases full of embroidery thread. Don’t even get me started on art supplies and an oddly large range of glue! I have piles of magazines waiting to turn into collages and maps to go into pendants. The list goes on.

The idea is, especially now with an imminent house move, to use up as much as I can of the stock that I already have through November before reassessing at the beginning of December… I may decide to continue the challenge till the end of the year.

I’m one of those people who stashes used jiffy bags so that I can reuse them to post stuff out in myself. Now that I’m selling my jewellery I am a little unsure about how far I can go with recycled packaging… a reused jiffy bag can easily be prettied up with coloured paper, doodles, stickers and patterned tape (don’t worry I already have these in my stash!) but what else is usable as recycled packaging? Bubble wrap & polystyrene chips are good ones to reuse as is tissue paper. I have been known to store my earrings in the plastic eggs you get your gloves in when you buy a box of hair dye… with pretty shredded paper as inner packagiong and a ribbon on the outside would they be deemed as acceptable packaging?

What do you think? Do you try to recycle and upcycle? Is it something that you look for when you’re making a purchase? Is it something that you do naturally?


Work yesterday was long, tiring, frustrating & done on three hours sleep. Today was better but I can’t help dreaming about having my own place… my only little shop. I’m even looking at figures…

Anyway here are some pics of the type of place I would love to have one day…

(all photos found at

I’d sell handcrafted goodies, secondhand books, vintage finds, crafting supplies (especially wool… can’t get enough of it!), cupcakes, tea…. *dream*….

If you had a shop what would you sell?
BTW I haven’t made a perfect cupcake yet but I have eaten it! Marks & Spencers Luscious Lemon Cupcakes. Lovely light sponge, beautifully done lemon icing & then… lemon curd inside. Oh my gosh! Divine!