I am a prolific list writer.

Shopping lists, recipe lists, To Do lists, daydreamy ‘I would like..’ lists, daily lists, long-term lists…. I like a good list. There is something about writing something down on paper in order to achieve it. And, of course, the satisfaction of crossing it off afterwards. Sometimes I add things that I have done to a ‘To do’ list in order to make it look like I’ve done more than I have!

Back at the beginning of July in this post I set myself a list of things to do before September & I have to confess to have not gotten very far. Still to do…

 *A drawing a day.
*Go to an art exhibition
*Get bridal necklace done for Claire’s September wedding
*Get a good camera

Now I have a few more to add to the list…

*Get bridesmaids gift necklaces done (3)
*Go swimming with DB & A before the summer is over
*Have a goodbye lunch with my friend Emma before she relocates to Brum for university in 3 weeks!
*Get college projects up & rolling… (1)create a collection of amazing & interesting things ~ a minimum of 10 objects & (2) complete a visual diary in a completed scrapbook ~ recording aspects of my life through drawings, painting, photographs & collage.
*Learn some time management skills in order to achieve all of this!

Are you a list writer? I literally wouldn’t survive without them!

Things To Do Before September

Rebecca @ Consider My Dear

1. A drawing a day… my Art & design course starts in September & in my interview the tutor stressed how important simply drawing is & said that mine was weak (it is!) & that I needed to practise over the summer. One of Leigh-Ann’s draw-a-longs might come in pretty handy!

2. Make up some more earrings using up my current stash ready for sale.

3. Go to an art exhibition… perhaps the Joan Miro exhibition at The Tate Modern?

4. Get the bridal necklace for this beautiful lady ready for their September wedding!

5. Finally get a good camera!

What’s on your ‘To Do’ list for the rest of summer?