Valentine Sweetness

Thwarted in my attempt to do my usual Friday Fashion post by the internet continually crashing last night and because I’m at work for ten hours straight tomorrow & will probably eat & crash out upon my arrival home I have decided to share all my favourite love-related images for a little bit of Valentine Sweetness…. 1) Hafiz quote.. 2) source unknown.. 3) Coulson Macleod.. 4,5&6) all from weheartitAre you guys doing anything romantic this weekend? We will be home Valentines night.. Mr J will be sorting dinner out whilst I’m heading home from work! We went out for dinner on Thursday evening, not for V day, but as a date night… everybody needs one of those sometimes! I need to get into the habit of taking my camera out.. not used to having it yet! Anyway I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xoxox