A Home

Good news!
It looks like in January I’ll be moving into Tom’s house. The lodger there is going so I can actually move in. Having all of my stuff in one place is going to be such a nice feeling. For the first time in over a year I will finally have all of my belongings under one roof and have one place that I can call home. As any of you that have read my blog for a while may know I’ve been living over two houses and generally feeling quite discomforted by it.
Most people take their homes for granted, but believe me, not having one place that is your home, your sanctuary, is a difficult thing.  I really do think that it causes a stress all of it’s own and will be one that come January 2012 I can lay to rest.
It will be so great to have enough cupboard space to actually keep a decent stock of dried goods and spices and to have more than two shelves in the fridge. I will be able to plan meals and we can cut back on takeaways! As much as the odd Indian or Dominos is nice the urge to cook for the people I love is stronger.
And it will be great not having to disappear off into the middle of the night every time A comes to stay. I’ll be able to get up and have breakfast in the morning  with her.
It’s those little things that make a home and I’m excited about moving in to mine!