Happy Monday

*Today I’m grateful for supportive friends & family, having a great time over Drummer Boy’s birthday, X Factor, amazing food**, watching Super8 (it’s fanatastic!) and meeting Bump (my soon-to-be nephew!).
*And I’m very excited about my best friends wedding this coming weekend in Cornwall! Eeeeep!

**Edit: It was my other half’s birthday & we went to the Magdalen Arms, Iffley Road, Oxford for dinner & had lamb with dauphinoise potatoes which was heavenly!

Weekend catch-up

This weekend was pretty action packed! I went to my best friends hen do, caught up with an old friend, dropped by to see my dad & celebrated my first anniversary with Drummer Boy.

Picture 1 ~ My newly dyed red hair!
Picture 2 ~ Me (pink wig), Claire (middle) & Andrea, her mum.
Picture 3 ~ Me & Andi. It was so much fun catching up with her.
Picture 4 ~ Me & my dad. We had hysterics trying to take a picture as the camera kept going off on it’s own!

Last night DB & I went to Mario’s on the Cowley Road to celebrate one year of being together. The food was delicious & the place has a proper Italian trattorria feel to it. We were up quite late in the end, we went for cocktails at Bar Tarifa & finally came home & drank champagne in to the wee hours!

It was a weekend I won’t forget for some time 🙂

Five Images

Five random images stored on my laptop…

1, 3 & 4 all weheartit
2. Gorgeous bracelet by Emily Wiser.
5. Me & my friends (Nick, me, Kristina & Rachel) the night Kristina moved to Dubai. Miss you Kristina Bambina!

Blog Crush 2

I don’t speak French but I have fallen in love with this blog as I just absolutely adore her artwork… please nip over & check it out as her work is truly beautiful.

This blog has the loveliest fashion shots… catwalk & her own wardrobe…

And I love this blog & have let myself be suckered into their lives… Naomi just seems so lovely & refreshing & her blog is upbeat & entertaining.

A few random pictures from my summer last year… 1) me & one of my best friends, Faye, 2) me & my mate James & 3) me & my friend Sam laughing our faces off because neither of us could smile properly for the camera! I can’t wait for summer again…

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Pink Wednesday!

(all photos from weheartit)
I won’t be posting for the next few days as I’m off to Northamptonshire to see family & friends & to do the Waendal Walk. I’ll be helping look after this gorgeous toddler…
& I’m really hoping to catch up with these two…
(picture taken in 1984… they’ve both grown up a bit since then!)
….Especially hoping to see my brother because I haven’t seen him this year & it was his birthday last Saturday. & I’ll be the luckiest girl if I can fit these guys in too….
Marie is one of my best friends & I haven’t seen her for about a year! I have a lot of catching up to do… so I’m off to finish packing & I’ll be back in a few days with (hopefully) lots of photos for you! Hope you all have a great week xox
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Perfect Day

(images via weheartit)
I have been working my butt off lately & with the sun shining its face too I have definitely been a little neglectful of this little corner of my universe! I had Saturday off & had a lovely day catching up with friends & I’ve been off today with mr J & chilling out this evening catching up with TV… Saturday lunchtime I met up with my friend Laura, whom I haven’t seen for about a year! We had lunch at a favourite place of mine, The Oxford Retreat, caught some sun & a had a good catch up. Saturday night I went to the local Tapas bar with some work friends & it was fantastic! The food was delicious & the company hilarious, but no one took a camera, doh! Here’s one of me & Laura though…
Today Mr J & I went clothes shopping at TK Maxx… conscience free shopping! TK Maxx sell end-of-the-line stuff & clothes that haven’t sold in the sales that would otherwise go to a landfill. I picked up a cute floaty top & some faded grey skinny jeans, Mr J got himself a checked shirt, he is most pleased! Mr J had to work tonight so I’ve been catching up on my favourite TV… Murder She Wrote, NCIS, Cold Case… (I’m a TV murder junkie!)… back to work tomorrow, but for now… a perfect day xox